November’s writing contest has arrived

Tra la! November, November, the writing month of November…

Despite the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy leaving debris and floods all over the New Jersey shoreline and Manhattan, New York, budding writers all over the nation are writing to their hearts’ content for the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.

Held every November, the NaNoWriMo gets all writers to write a fresh, new novel idea on the web site, which can be in any genre. The goal of the contest is to be the first one to write a novel in 50,000 words or more and finish the book in a month. Whoever gets there first wins.

Then again, I feel like there’s no critiquing involved with writing the novels and showing them to anyone for advice. In the terms and conditions, it says, “We do not retain or read copies of any text uploaded.” Then it goes into how to scramble your novel for the writing month. It sounds ridiculous and pointless to me.

Then again, so is abandoning your writing to look for a real job.

Therefore, I’m going to post a little of my story here for any critiques people have for any insight at all. I want my writing to be as great as possible, without any structure or plot problems. Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight can eat itself.

But if you copy any of my work, and this is important….. You will DIE!

No, I’m kidding. But you will be sorry. Until then, happy writing holidays!

Love, Rachel Beth.

New fantasy book in progress!

Read a selection from Dragon’s Heartbeat >>>


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