Is this it?

No, it’s not what you think it is. It’d not the end of my new blog or a review of one of my favorite Strokes albums.

It’s just that it’s the end of November and I still haven’t worked on my novel for NaNoWriMo. Dragon’s Heartbeat, in fact, feels like a dead end with almost 8,000 words completed and a dull plot. Plus, I’ve been working on another novel that I’ve been working on since my 23rd birthday.

The Midsummer Clause is an awesome twist on the classic Shakespeare comedy, told through Helena’s point of view. One day, she’s going through the motions at her boring desk job until she gets the offer of a lifetime from the mysterious Robin Goodfellow. Wondering if Robin is either male or female and unsure of what his company stands for, Helena Ghari takes up the offer, only with some strange caveats.

Suddenly, all the men at work want her, her roommate starts going out with Robin, unknowing who he/she is, and her best friend’s fiance begins throwing himself at Helena instead of the man Helena loves: Demitri, the jazz trumpet playing future vice president who thinks Helena is his number one enemy.

Personally, this is a better story, even though it’s finished at only 41,000 words, approximately.

Better short than none at all.

Read on for a yummy love potion excerpt >>>

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