Please click on the link for this post I have on The Joy in Joy-nalism. This is very important for anyone who reads my blogs. We writers all need you now.

The Joy in Journalism

To all my fellow writers in the Baltimore area, READ THIS!!!

2013 may be my year.

It takes 35 minutes to walk from Shockwave Records, home of their magazine, to the Parkville Library where I can work. It’s extremely convenient that I can walk straight down Harford Road after hard work at the library and talk to the coolest people while listening to The Ramones or someone playing guitar in the store and go back in less than an hour.

The place looks like a miniature Championship Vinyl out of the Nick Hornby novel High Fidelity, which eventually became one of my favorite movies. It faces a whole bunch of small business and shop buildings with several hair salons and a Subway up the road, but I don’t mind.

This place gets me as close to my college years and the exciting life in Towson and Baltimore City as I can get…

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