Courtesy Cards: The Super Bowl!!!

It’s time for the Super Bowl and lots of people are partying. So what do I have to say to some people today?

Dear Ray Lewis,

Thank you so much for all your hard earned work for the past 17 years or so. You are one incredible footballer and I know the Ravens are going to win this year. But please, don’t weep a whole river on the field, because Beyonce might slip and fall causing a wardrobe malfunction.

Dear Facebook,

Thank you for the chat IM’s, only I really hate the fact that you have to type really, really fast in order to get your point across to your friends before, during or after the game. It’s really hard to concentrate saying that you’re wearing a Ravens shirt, especially if you missplace an R in the word shirt.

Dear Harbaugh brothers,

Congratulations on getting your teams together for the big game. However, you might want to stop giving each other notes on what plays to make before the big game or you’ll end up making it a mess for both of your teams.

Dear February holidays,

Good job on being all in the same week. Mardi Gras falls on Lincoln’s birthday, followed by Valentine’s Day on Thursday (when Twilight fans will be flocking to the theatres to see Beautiful Creatures), and then the following Monday is President’s Day. I can’t catch a break to rest after all that partying, especially when the Farpoint sci fi convention also comes that weekend.

Dear Baltimore Sun,

Great job with the search engine tool. Can’t find a good Super Bowl party to crash today. “No search found.” I’ll be crying like Ray Lewis when the Super Bowl starts while I’m at home with mom and dad.

Ohhh… Oh Oh Oh ohhh-ohhh… Seven nation army can’t hold Ravens back!


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