The Geek’s Daughter is back!

Those of you who have seen my relationship blog Little Miss Pink before it atrociously died, well there is good news…

I’m bringing the Geek’s Daughter back!

Since I recently got into the fully awesome series “Chuck” and started dating a nerd, who I must say is the best boyfriend I ever HAD, I am returning to my nerdy roots. This time, I’m starting something different with writing about my experiences at science fiction conventions.

Rather than being called simply, “The Geek’s Daughter”, I am now “The Nerd Queen”!

Ok, some of you are confused because you may not have heard of this. I’ll explain:

In May, 2012, I started my Geek’s Daughter Diaries series for my relationship blog Little Miss Pink, which I’ve ended all of my posts on that blog. (The reason: it was really a personal blog about silly girly things and I didn’t want to embarass myself with such silliness in front of the future man of my dreams.) Upon going to Balticon, it was a true success with writing about my experiences there as the daughter of two founding members of the Boogie Knights.

Everybody loved the tale of how I romantically country danced with a Time Lord (or really, a guy dressed up as the 10th Doctor from “Doctor Who”) one night at the Steampunk Ball, and then paraded as a female version of Adrian Monk in the emotional sense, trying to figure out my role in the world of nerds.

A freaking good time, warts and all.

Then when I met my lamour, I realized hey, I am a freaking nerd! Even though I’m constantly drawn to chick flicks, pretty dresses and shoes like most women and I’m a music freak like Rob in Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, I am a total nerd.

I think David Tennant and Zachary Levi are sexy. Especially now that Mr. Levi is going to be the new Asgardian Fandral, one of Thor’s friends, in Thor: The Dark World. Rrrrrrowl!

I can’t help but admire the visuals and story lines on some of my favorite movies: Titan A.E., I, Robot, Serenity, Tron and Tron Legacy and my favorite movie of all time, the very first Pirates of the Carribbean movie, the one where you hear Jack Sparrow say, “Try not to do anything… stupid.”

Bruce Campbell’s performance in Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness makes me laugh until I have to pee.

Except for Elton John, my beau has excellent taste in music. He flipped when I told him I could get us into the Reel Big Fish concert last week.

And finally, what makes me a real fan is the fact that I can quote a line from a movie or TV show at the top of my head. When I quoted Wash from the first episode of “Firefly”… in front of Alan Tudyk, who was the guest of honor at Farpoint a few years ago, he laughed and gave me an autographed photo of him as Sonny the robot from I, Robot.

The nerdy part is, I still have it!

So, there that is. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always be a nerd. And to add to that, the Farpoint convention is coming up this Valentine’s Day weekend, so I will be writing all of this here.

Plus, I have an idea for a nerdy book. It’s a thriller-comedy about a dude who works at a store like Staples and wants to be a biochemist until the girl he’s been chasing all the time comes to rescue him from a band of evil spies. This happens after a terrible murder that the main nerd character has witnessed and the love interest is a super spy for the CIA.

Basically, it’s if “Chuck” was made into a movie, without the Intersect in the way. Or Lethal Weapon meets Clerks.

Either way, I hope that with any luck, I’ll be able to get enough publicity to fund my writings and get my novels to be optioned for movies. That is one of my biggest dreams: see one of my stories on the big screen.

Get your nerd on!!! Nerd is the word.


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