Courtesy Cards: More Disney girls

Some people have told me to add more Disney ladies I’ve previously left out, so here they are!

Dear Aurora,

I honestly love how you’re a princess with spunk. You dance and sing with the other creatures in the forest and tell them the stories of your dreams. But don’t let the stupid fairies lead you back to your castle on your birthday because you know fairies are not all that bright. They need to wait until AFTER your birthday is over so you won’t stub your fingers on a spinning wheel. Other than that, I do hope your dear Prince Phillip is sweet to you and lets you keep dreaming.

Dear Jasmine,

Running away from the princess life? That sounds awesome. It actually sounds like fun the way you do it! Hanging out with a young man your age who has no family but has all kinds of fun with a magical Genie and going for magic carpet rides? You’re living the life, girl. So don’t be shocked when you find he’s broke. He is the coolest guy you’ll ever meet and you’ll love him for just that. So what if he isn’t a prince, honey! Royalty isn’t everything.

Dear Pocahontas,

I can’t believe Disney lists you as a princess. Sure you’re the Native American chief’s daughter who wants you to marry another prosperous native warrior, but you don’t fit the description of the Disney Princesses. Still, you are one hell of a heroine, fighting for nature and following your heart to save your friends. I can’t believe I’m saying this. You go girl!

More Disney girls along the way!


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