I’m not sure if anyone’s listening out there, but this is really important. Please, please, please do anything at all to help!!!!!

The Joy in Journalism

It’s now March and the newest issue of Shockwave magazine isn’t ready.

The last time I saw Vince, which was about two days ago, he looked completely beat. He slowly tended to the stack of vinyls, placing price stickers on each pretty weakly. He said the cover artist was tired of working for them, making the outlines and compiling the covers together.

I in turn told him that I knew a thing or two about InDesign, which is a fantastic application for making publications, especially with making the front page or cover of any newspaper or magazine. I learned to use it in my second year at TowsonUniversity, in digital publishing and news editing classes.

Then again, it has been a while, and I seriously need to get paid.

Therefore, I’m asking again: Shockwave needs serious help. We need more people to help with advertising, and now we need someone…

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