The Nerd Queen Reviews: ‘Ralph’ lives the dream

Rating: 3.5 hearts (out of 5)

At long last, I saw Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph at the discount theatre in town.

All I can say is: what a rush!

From the beautiful techno music inspired by Owl City and happy Spyro the Dragon video games, to the powerful messages under the story and the old arcade character mentions all over, this entire animated flick takes the sugary icing and whipped cream off the cake.

As you know from the intriguing trailer, Ralph is the bad guy who’s going through the motions of a 30-year-old arcade game, “Fix-It Felix Junior”. When he goes to the Bad Guys Anonymous meeting for the very first time, Ralph admits that he’s tired of being the villain and would rather trade his life for a hero’s. He eventually embarks on a high octane adventure through other arcade games to find his inner hero.

But there is an underlying story in his adventure to win himself a medal: on his way to get the medal in the girly racer game “Sugar Rush”, he finds that the little glitch girl in the game, Venellope Von Schweetz, desperately wants to win the racing game to get on the roster. However, the evil King Candy has a very sinister plan for her and a deep dark secret.

Not only that, King Candy is unbelievably voiced by sci fi sweetheart Alan Tudyk, Wash from Serenity himself, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a convention years ago. And my god, what versatile voices he could do with his throat for that character!

There were also some great voices done for the other characters as well. Comedienne Sarah Silverman was sourly sweet as Venellope, John C. Reilly (Roxie Hart’s long suffering husband “Mr. Cellophane” from Chicago) was Ralph, and Jane Lynch of Fox’s “Glee” was the tough girl love interest to the hapless hero Felix.

Probably the most memorable moment of the entire film was when Ralph and Venellope built their own car for the upcoming race. It combined the mini games from game computers at bars with an Easy Bake oven concept, which made it fun and playful.

And when the car came out all messy but shiny and edible, Ralph began over-apologizing for his mistake, until Venellope softly said… “I love it!”

I saw that and I couldn’t help getting all gooey inside.

Sure, a few parts of the movie may be slow or overly obnoxious with the little girls of the “Sugar Rush” game being rude and lame, but this movie is a new Disney classic for the video game nostalgic. This took me back to the days of playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon on my Gameboy and Play Station. It constantly made me wonder if Ralph would either get his own video game where he’s the hero, or maybe get an upgrade, or would there be a sequel.

Quite obviously after viewing this film, it does have sequel potential. I’m hoping they get Mario, Spyro and Zelda in the next movie. They managed to get the characters from Pac Man and Sonic the Hedgehog and the visuals were just right, so why not?

In a final note, Wreck-It Ralph looks and feels like a video gamer’s dream.


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