The Nerd Queen Journal: What a Wild Farpoint

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This is the tale of one nerdy lady’s journey on her way to becoming the Queen of the Nerds.

It all started on Valentines Day 2013 with setting up for the convention. As I was helping the lighting guy set up his equipment and bringing things in, I found my good friend and fellow Perry Hall alum Abby along with Christian playing a ukulele. I greeted them both with hugs and sweet hellos before they went up onstage to do the famous “Gungnam Style” dance.

Another old friend of my dad’s came by to say hello and I was instantly distracted. I started talking about the time I met Alan Tudyk from Serenity and the original Death at a Funeral, getting extremely giddy on the subject.

Our friend Jim eventually settles me down with, “Calm. Patience, grasshopper.”

After a long and wonderful conversation that we took to the lobby, I immediately get back to work with the other techies. Then again, not a whole lot is going on there, except dad putting on his 3D glasses to watch a little of the 3D episode of Chuck on DVD. The DVD set he bought for $10 online.

By 9 p.m., we needed to head home and make arrangements for the next day. By then, I’m about to get my nerd on already.

On Friday, when Brendan and I were about to head for the diner, my best friend was already at the convention. I was worried about her, seeing that she had arrived obscenely early and I was hoping for her to arrive later for karaoke, but she insisted I go on my dinner date with Brendan first.

At the diner, Brendan and I talked about conventions, movies and what was going on in our lives through the past week. I felt a little tired since I hadn’t eaten yet and the previous night was a little tiring. But when we got to the hotel, Kerensa was a little upset about how long it took for us to get there. It eventually didn’t matter when it came time to sing karaoke in the ballroom.

Everyone I knew was there. Abby, Rose, Daniel, Kate Greenberger, Eta, Sarah, Steve Wilson and his boys… just everyone. Everyone except Robbie, of course, because we lost him in 2008.

In fact, I always thought that after we lost Robbie, the conventions weren’t the same. People would run around everywhere, losing their minds over the tiniest problems in the convention, even the people who others thought were problematic. I also felt that my gang had already gone their separate ways and their friendships with each other, including myself, were very fickle.

But a funny thing happened over the weekend. Kerensa tried teaching my boyfriend to dance while I sang Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”. (Note to self: find a way to teach boyfriend to dance.) My godfather finally published his first novel, celebrating it at Saturday’s Ten Forward party with a bottle of cognac his old girlfriend gave to him for when he “finally accomplishes something big”.

Did someone pull out a rubber chicken on stage?

Did someone pull out a rubber chicken on stage?

Kerensa and I also headed into a TARDIS phone booth for candid photo taking. And the biggest time of all was when Enterprise’s John Billingsley and his wife and Chuck actress Bonita Friedericy finished the convention with the craziest Sunday guest panel. Good thing I took pictures of that.

Including one shot that I took when I pretended to leave the ballroom.

Friedericy followed me out the door wondering where I was going and exclaimed when I took the candid shot. I had no clue what to do, didn’t think too much about it when I got to the door. I just did it for laughs.

She called me a saboteur later on and hugged me when I came up to ask her husband a question. She yelled, “I don’t think we can fit her on the plane!” as she held me. Everyone laughed with me.


It’s a funny thing when you’re the daughter of a Star Trek and science fiction nerd. When you’re the daughter of a married couple that used to write and sing filk (fan folk music), you sort of get into the whole fandom family. Being raised by nerds does things to you. It also makes you nostalgic and loving of everyone and everything you know who in turn love you back.

When one of us departs, either by life or something even more devastating, we are saddened by it. A little part of us dies. But then our hearts and souls grow back bigger, welcoming a new soul interested in what we love to talk about.

And in a way, we all carry on.


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