A Final Tribute to the Recher

In light of the sad news of the Recher’s closing, I’ve found a little practice piece from my final semester at TowsonUniversity, and it’s all about my favorite place to see a great show. I plan to go there one last time before they close forever, but I’m sure I will never find another great place like that.

The glass doors open and I flash my state ID and a smile at the doorman.

He gives me a wristband as I gaze at the many autographed pictures and posters on the hallway walls. The room ahead is warm and spacious, but it gets crowded quickly. The music overhead gets me in the mood to bless the night and thank God for such wonderful artists.

I have been in love with the place since I first arrived there a year ago. Some untouchable artists have graced the stage, though I have never seen them up close. I still return now and then to see hot men sweating on stage as the music blares from the speakers, for the room has better acoustics than the Paws café.

And it has the smell of sweat, liquor and electricity that goes perfectly with a drink of ginger soda carefully mixed with vanilla vodka. Plus, I don’t mind if I have to stand up the entire time.


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