First excerpt


…from Northanger Rasberry Royale (I really enjoyed writing this part last week, as you could probably tell)

Emma and I continued to bond together in the sitting room, away from all the dancers. I was quite exhausted from dancing, even though I didn’t feel like I danced much at all. I told her how the dancing I did was fun, though it required more coordination than just line dancing, which I thought this was. But Emma insisted she preferred country dancing better because it was more intimate with the partners.

“You can’t be serious,” I said, sipping a cup of what tasted like punch. “You have to be extremely careful to not bump into someone. It’s ridiculous dancing.”

“Well, do you know how ridiculous dancing is at night clubs?” Emma asked.

“That’s very true, but it’s not as ridiculous as this kind of dancing. It’s like a bunch of children bouncing up and down the hall with their parents watching them from the porch. No one’s allowed to be intimate with each other.”

Emma laughed. “Isn’t that kind of the point? You are intimate with people, just not in that kind of way.”

Mr. Knight and Mr. Fitzwilliam returned from the dancing hall. Only Mr. Knight was speaking at this time and didn’t stop to let Fitzwilliam talk. “Ken, I’ve known this woman for the longest time! If I don’t tell her, I may as well cut out my heart.”

“Please save your heart for another lady, Johnathan,” Mr. Fitzwilliam cut him off at last. “You have loved this woman too much for too long and it is time that you leave her to her own decisions. There is no woman worthy enough to seize from The Country and escape alive.”

“Mr. Fitzwilliam, I do hope you’ll see that a girl just as amazing is right here for you. Perhaps I could introduce you to dance with her.”

“You know I detest dancing, unless I am acquainted with my partner. There is no possibility that you could find such a lady. Now stop speaking in such a way before someone here in The Country notices.”

“Oh, come on, Fitz. I think one of the B sisters is just as hot and smart enough for you. She’s just like her and they are new friends, after all.”

Mr. Knight gestured to me when Fitzwilliam asked for which one of us. When he saw me, he looked as if he knew me already. By this time, all the other groups and couples of people in the room were huddled by the window and not paying attention. When he looked in my eyes, I could tell he was seeing through me to give Mr. Knight this reaction:

“Charming, but not tempting enough. I am in no mood to give myself to young ladies who are previously used.” He paused for a second to see more people passing by before he added, “You had better return to your confidante and enjoy her smiles, for you are wasting your time with me.”

I felt my fingers curl into a fist. I wanted to choke him on his words that he stole from my beloved character Mr. Darcy. But when Emma caught my attention again, I snapped back to reality. “Ellie?”

“What?” By then, Fitzwilliam had left and Knight had turned to see my reaction. Emma took my hand and asked if I was all right. “I’m fine, there’s nothing to worry about with me. It’s just… he was acting like such a…”

“Proud pig?” she finished. But that wasn’t the answer I was going for.



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