First Friday

It is the first Friday of the month of April, and I am actually a bit depressed.

Normally, this is the night I go to The Charred Rib in Timonium for karaoke, but now that it’s gone just like my favorite concert venue Recher Theatre, I now have nothing to do Friday nights.

I have no clue what my parents have in mind to celebrate the end of the week, but I’m hoping it’s not to go see some silly movie I have no interest in. The movies at the discount theatre are not worth seeing, either to my parents or to me. I’ve already seen Wreck-It Ralph, which I wouldn’t mind seeing again, but my mother would object to rewatching it.

So, what’s a young writer to do? Write even more for Camp NaNoWriMo? I guess that’s what I’m doing tonight if nothing happens.

Then again, there’s karaoke on Saturday nights in Essex, though I won’t see many of my friends there. Plus, my boyfriend’s taking me to see They Might Be Giants tomorrow night for a super cool night of music. I’m actually excited for it because the opening act is the jazz band Moon Hooch, a trio of two dueling saxophones and a drummer.

That reminds me of the video I saw of two men playing a saxophone battle on the subway in New York. Honestly, the coolest thing I’ve witnessed online.

I really can’t wait to see what happens when they open the show that night.

On second thought, they sound like another techno dance group that isn’t very impressive, after what I’ve seen:

They Might Be Giants may be better than that, I don’t know. They were huge back in the 90s and my best friend is pretty jealous that I’m going to see the show without her. Still, I didn’t like the song “Particle Man”. They better not perform it tomorrow night.

I will post the next review of that show in May’s issue of Shockwave.

And speaking of Shockwave, the latest April issue is now here. Go to for more details. My Reel Big Fish article is under “Reviews: Live Shows”.

I’m hoping the unveiling of the new WordPress site will be at the meeting tomorrow afternoon.

So right now, this song is in my head and it makes me want to dance and sing:

Wish I could.


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