Breaking In: a mock-up of the Writer’s Digest column

If Writer’s Digest could say something about my new novel, this would be it.

Rachel Beth AhrensRachel Beth Ahrens

Northanger Rasberry Royale

(Science fiction/steampunk, Prometheus Books, August)

“Ellie Benson, an ex-copywriter from Florida, is shocked when she finds herself trapped in the world of The Country: a neo-Regency/Jane Austen era section of England with a Victorian-steampunk twist. It eventually becomes a romantic nightmare and Ellie desperately wants out.”

Writes from: Nottingham, Md.

Pre-Northanger: I wrote for Shockwave Magazine pro-bono, writing about local music and going to concerts, which was fun. But for a recent college grad with a huge loan to repay, I needed to find money somewhere.

Time Frame: I started writing this about a year ago, hemming and hawing about it, until I buckled down for April’s CampNaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and finished it in one month.

If I Could Do It Again: I would definitely write more of my story earlier and give myself more time to revise so I could get those paychecks to pay my college debt.

Platform: I’m on Twitter- RachelBeth99, Facebook and LinkedIn- see below.

Website: Get more information from

Next Up: My second book in the Prisoner of Austen trilogy, Chamomile for Sensibility, which is the final countdown to the end of the series, and Ellie’s dilemma on her future and her denial of feelings for Mr. Fitzwilliam. Look out, this one’s super explosive!


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