The morning after the NaNoThon

See my new excerpt of Northanger here >>>

It is now the day after the big Camp marathon and I still haven’t made a huge dent in my writing.

I’ve written about a thousand words in the last 24 hours and I’m now finally up to 12,000. It’s a good start, but not nearly good enough to get to the great big 30 grand by the end of the month. It’s nerve wracking.

Basically I need some super swift kicks to my inspiration. I write some great scenes and sections for novels, but they either don’t come out completely right or they’re too short for the novel. There are also holes to consider. Some writers like to write using the linear method. Chapter 1, Chapter 2… you get the idea.

I, however, can’t do that because I get blocked no matter what. So whatever I do, I go to my Word application and I write sections from later in the story. I go from Chapter 1, to Chapter 10, to Chapter 7, and back and forth like that.

And yet, somehow I end up going in a linear fashion with the consistency of the story.

Plus, I’m only allowed three (3) hours on the library computers a day and they have shorter hours on the weekends than everyone else. Libraries are only open until 5 or 5:30 p.m. on weekends until the summer starts. By the end of April (that’s this month), the libraries go back to their schedule of being closed on Sundays.

That just smells of the discharge from Iron Man’s Starkanium chest piece. More like the sweat of the Hulk.

Then again, things are about to get easier when I get home. My parents and I stopped by the local computer show in Perry Hall and guess what? I now have a laptop of my very own!!!

My parents bought not one, but TWO new laptops from the computer show for about $250 total and now my dad’s giving me his big ol’ laptop (with Windows 7!) and keeping the other two. So, that means…

Happy early 25th birthday to me!!!

I knew going to a computer show would be good luck. Now if only I got that $12 funky keyboard I had my eye on. The one with all the media buttons and the curved shape to prevent carpal tunnel and be easier on your hands and fingers. My mother knows what that keyboard’s called. And it was only twelve dollars!

Still, it’s no big. I’ve got a nice computer, tra la la la la laaaaaa…

It may be a hand me down, but it’s nice and I love it.

And now, to get back to my story…

Playlist selection- Brandi Carlile, “The Story” (sang this song last night at karaoke with a little help)

I am singing this song myself next Saturday. Maybe even for NBC’s The Voice!

Just kidding.


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