World Book Night

Yesterday, I walked into the public library, hoping I could catch a writing break, when I saw some librarians putting out books and things, even balloons, as if there was a party.

I asked the librarian downstairs what was going on, when she said, “Today is World Book Night. People all around the world give out free books to others, and we’re doing it bigger this year.”

Now this I could do.

But when I heard the free books were given to children ages 10-18, my heart dropped. If only I had been six years younger.

So instead, I did something different. In honor of this second annual holiday, I decided to post a new speculative fiction short story for readers on to give me critiques. I’ve gotten one critique back on it, and yet, it was quite disappointing. The person didn’t give me enough feedback on what to work on. Just gave me one or two short sentences. No punctuation/capitalization either.

“My Thoughts: I have to be honest. I’m confused. who is this girl”

“Character Development: Didn’t see any development” How so?

“Plot: didn’t really see it going anywhere” Hello? It gets better at the end! If you’re bored, read the end! Read the whole thing, it gets better.

“Setting: maybe describe the places better”

I’m not the one to judge, because I have a degree in journalism, but what is this person trying to tell me? I have no idea what this person wants me to fix. I don’t see where this person is confused about all of this unless he/she reads the whole thing. It’s only 5,000 words, so what?

Ok, I’m not going to judge. Not after that review I got yesterday. No. I’ll just keep on writing.

Besides, I haven’t done my four assigned reviews to get the four real ones back. Things can only get better here. Besides, this was only my second draft.

Speaking of things getting better… I’m super excited that I’ll soon be an even bigger music journalist than I am now… See my new post tomorrow on JoyinJournalism!

All right, I’ll give you a hint. It has to deal with this band:

Until then, chow!

Love, the Musical Duchess


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