The Nerd Queen rewatch: Tiny Toon Adventures

I know I haven’t been keeping my word with posting more on this blog, including excerpts of my novel. However, I will continue to post more very shortly.

Since Chuck Jones’s passing, cartoons have never been the same. There aren’t as many Bugs Bunny cartoons on television as there are merchandise, and even that’s rare.

Even rarer than that? Any spin offs of the Looney Tunes.

I still have my Babs Bunny doll from the Tiny Toons show, and after watching the classic Tiny Toon Adventures from season one, I have gone back to my childhood just reminiscing.

The first episode starts off perfectly loony: “The Looney Beginning” stars Bugs Bunny, narrating the story of how the Tiny Toons began. He at first says that the only time he accepts a narrating role is if he’s paid in advance… in carrots. Soon, he starts telling how a poor, lonely writer struggled with coming up with a new cartoon show.

The whole sequence is reminiscent of the Daffy Duck cartoon where the animator goes amuck, terrorizing Daffy. Only the animator isn’t Bugs Bunny. His first idea came as an adorable, cavity making baby bunny. “Aren’t I the cey-utest thing you ever saw? Uh huh, uh huh, I sure am!”

The next idea is a Rambo/Demolition Man rabbit who sets the whole paper on fire. Of course, both ideas go in the trash.

Then the animator decided to “split the difference”. Thus, he created Buster Bunny, who insisted on having a best friend, but didn’t expect it to be a girl.

“Welcome to the 90s,” said Babs.

And with all the voices Babs Bunny could do- Glinda the Good Witch, Dolly Parton, and Jessica Rabbit- I fell in love with her all over again. Babs has always been my favorite cartoon rabbit. Hence, the Babs doll and the reason I still have it!

The rest of the episode, like all the other episodes on the four discs, is pure child and adult humor heaven. Even the end titles of each one have a little humor in them. Always fast forward and read the credits: “Created by Buster and Babs Bunny”… “Elmyra Fan Club Organizer”… “The Man With Giant Hands”

The voice actors for the show are perfect. Every now and then, there’s the great Rob Paulsen, best known for his work on another Warner Brothers 90s show, Animaniacs, for Yakko and Pinky. My favorite voice he does is Arnold the body building pit bull, trying to squish Buster Bunny while “pumping” him up.

I totally forgot he did that voice, and I should have remembered to ask him about that when he came to the Farpoint convention this year! I wanted to, as Arnold put it… “PAHMP me AHHHP!”

My absolute favorite episode is “Her Wacky Highness”, where Babs makes fun of her teacher Elmer Fudd and gets kicked out of class for going too far with the jokes. Elmer, the principal, and her mother all tell her after another that she needs to learn some self control. But instead, Babs wants to go to the one place where she thinks she’ll be appreciated: Wackyland.

She meets Gogo the Dodo and a lot of goofy characters, including the two Warner Brothers logos chasing each other with the older one holding a mallet. But she ends up disappointed and miserable having to put up with them, missing her old friends from Acme Acres.

Nerd Queen sunIn the end, I’ll have to agree with my boyfriend on this one, Tiny Toons is a classic cartoon show. It deserved that Emmy award and Steven Spielberg was perfect to be the executive producer. It only lasted the first two years of the 90s, but it deserves recognition.

And honestly, with the shows that other channels put on today, I keep wondering wherever did the great creativity and educational shows go.

Love, The Nerd Queen

Coming soon: the very first ever video blog of The Nerd Queen!


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