Jazz, Gatsby, and Lit

Almost a month ago was International Jazz Day, the day when jazz music was celebrated.

I learned about this from fellow WordPress blogger Christian Mihai, who is truly one of the most inspirational writers out in the world today. He has written several published online books, one of them inspired by jazz music, which I would love to get my hands on a copy. But since I have no income, I might as well forget it.

I didn’t get a chance to celebrate that day until two weeks ago, with the hot new film from Baz Luhrman, a remake of The Great Gatsby. This was mainly because I was so busy trying to finish my word count goal of 30,000 words by the end of the day. You only have 30 days to complete a full story with the word count you have in mind. Sadly, I finished after the library closed and didn’t get validated until a couple days later.

Though I did see this video to get my groove on:

Moon Hooch, from my article on Shockwave Magazine, may be a cave music based band, but they are jazz musicians to me. Both saxophonists had that jazz edge of John Coltrane mixed with some elements of dance music. Only this time, their music isn’t saturated with gadgets and synthesizers.

They are willing to take over the world with their sound as well as their sense of saving the economy and the environment. It sounds like a hipster kind of living, but it could work with saving these local farms.

They are also spreading the love.

Check this article out sometime to get dolled for a night out. Later, I will go into writing about the next band,Fatally Yours, which started this month off with their inspirational music at the block party in Parkville. Talk about free comic books, free pizza, and free records in one fateful day.

Looks like summer is here.


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