The Nerd Queen Journal: The top 10 song titles that inspire Doctor Who

doctorrose2.jpgToday, I’m going to do something different for my blog. This time, what do you think of making songs for one of the nerdiest TV shows out there? Everyone loves the Doctor; I even have a picture of David Tennant as the tenth Doctor with a kitten on his shoulder as my Facebook profile photo.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the top ten songs for the Doctor Who soundtrack, a la David Letterman! (Applause):

10.) “My Life Would Sonic Without You” by Amy Pondson

9.) “(Weeping) Angel” by Sonicsmith

“Weeping ay-ee-ay-ee-ay-ngel, don’t come and kill me tonight…”

8.) “Blue TARDIS and a Cherry Tree” by RT Tunstall (RT stands for Rose Tyler)

7.) “The Doctor that Got Away” by Katy “Madame du Pompadour” Perry

“Spring after Carnival, when we first met,
We made out in my bedroom to Beetoven
And in the king’s palace, I taught you how to dance…
On another path, I would be your girl
We’d go on adventures, be us among the stars…”

6.) “The Silence” by Mayday Parade

5.) “Pour Some Sycorax On Me” by Def Doctor

4.) “Cyberman (It’s Not Easy To Be Steel)” by Five Cybermen For Fighting

3.) “Me and Mrs. Pond” by Rory Gaye

2.) “(She’s) Scary and Slitheen” by The Stray Lords

Nerd Queen sunAnd the number one song title inspiring Doctor Who is…

1.) “Girl All the Daleks Want” by Bowling For Sonic Screwdrivers

“Eight o’clock, 2006 and I’m waiting…
For a heroine just a little cooler than me
Her name is Tyler, she’s a traveler with a nose ring
But when they come, there’s a Time Lord she’d accompany
And when she walks
All the wind blows and the TARDIS sings!
But she’ll never rescue me…
Cause she’s watching the world end
Creaming over The Doctor
Listening to “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick”
Like a bad horror movie
Aliens think I’m groovy
If you were me then you’d scream
“Cybermen delete me!”
While failing miserably
Trying to get the girl all the Daleks want!”

Well, better get back to work.

Love, The Nerd Queen


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