Six word/one sentence memoirs

As I looked through my things in the third bedroom of my house, I noticed something in the back of my 2011 copy of Towson University’s literary magazine Grub Street. It said, “Six word memoirs” and had students and contributors showcasing their one sentence, six word long pieces of poetry.

Michelle Jeffries: “Forever dreaming towards the silver screen.” (or something like that)

Here are mine that I’ve come up with, some more than six words:

Music, movies, tea, chocolate, anxiety, love.

Where the hell is my book?

Dad said, “Don’t read my Facebook!” (but I don’t know if he’s kidding).

Dude, where did I leave off?

When will my writing career begin?

Forget love, I’m falling in chocolate.

Face it, I’m addicted to writing.

I live a sheltered nerd life.

But my favorite six word memoir I penned is this:

I sing my dreams into story.

Those of you who have an idea for a six word memoir, write it here. It can be six words or even 30 words. But please, no more than one sentence.

Posting courtesy cards now!


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