Another Camp, another novel

It’s that time again. It’s time to roll out the carpet for a new novel for a new camp for Camp NaNoWriMo.

At first, I thought there wouldn’t be another Camp until next year because the November contest was only a half year after April would be over. I even thought I couldn’t do any writing in July because I would be so busy with finishing my April novel and giving it to my best friend to read before sending query letters.

Then while I watched a little of Don Bluth’s Anastasia one night (Nerd Queen Rewatch due soon), the idea came to me like the speed of sunlight, or rather in this case, like the TARDIS hitting me square in the face. For this, I needed to rent all the Doctor Who episodes from 2005 and onward again, and do some extensive research at my local library.

I’ve conjured the most beautiful Doctor Who fanfiction based on the Russian Revolution. It’s called Once Upon a Dream, or if it was a two part TV episode, The Romanov Curse and The Doctor Awakens.

Since I was about nine years old, I’ve been fascinated with Russian history, all because I’ve seen the trailers for the Don Bluth movie too many times to count in 1997. I fell in love with the story of Anastasia, the last Grand Duchess of Russia before the 20s and the country taken over by communists.

As I remember in the movie, the traitor to the Romanovs, Rasputin, puts a curse on Anastasia’s family that they will all die soon. The last Russian Princess runs away with her grandmother the Dowager Empress to safety until somehow Anastasia bumps her head and has a terrible case of amnesia. Ten years later, the princess assuming the name Anya leaves the orphanage to St. Petersburg to team up with two con men and find out who she is and find her family.

The only clue she has is the necklace around her neck, the necklace her grandmother gave her, saying, “Together in Paris”.

Anyway, I’m hoping the story goes like this… I’ve developed two new characters, The Twelfth Doctor and Hannah Bartlet. The new Doctor (not Matt Smith, that is) finally has red hair and a fine love for the bandanas his companion gave him and sunglasses. His companion, Hannah, is an American transplant in England who interns at a nearby law firm while studying abroad.

After all, she moved to England for better healthcare and a better chance at making it. But don’t tell her apartment super that, for he doesn’t want any American outsiders living in his building.

They’ve already met and had some adventures together, except The Doctor’s been having some problems with regenerating. The sore on his neck has been getting worse, releasing residual energy he needs. He covered it up with Hannah’s red bandana the first time they met, but it won’t hold out for long, which is why he’s losing sleep.

Soon, The Doctor takes Hannah on a vacation (or holiday as they say in England) to Brazil in 2016 for the next Summer Olympics. What they don’t know is they’ve accidentally been dumped in 1916 in a palace at Tsarskoe Selo, Russia. There, Hannah meets her childhood idol Anastasia and her family, including a sickly prince named Alexei, whose hemophilia becomes less of an issue with one of The Doctor’s old enemies coming to call.

And when The Doctor suddenly falls as ill as Alexei and the other Russian troops from this great post-Time War foe, it’s up to Hannah and Anastasia to pull things together and save the Russian royal family… before the Germans or the Bolsheviks do something less than friendly too soon.

Pretty neat, huh? But this is why I need to research it again- I haven’t read about the Russian Revolution since 10th grade.

The first time I learned about Russia’s history was in seventh grade with my unforgettable world history teacher Mr. Connor. He put so much enthusiasm in each subject we learned about and I had nothing but fun in that class. I could say the same for my 10th grade class with Mr. Lancaster, but he seemed more serious about it than I was.

I still found Russia’s history to be incredibly fascinating, up until the communist-Cold War part. Russia’s not a communist country anymore, but it’s still an awesome country to learn about. Even the language is beautiful: druz’ya is the word for friend, strasvoiche and do svidanya are the words for greeting and farewell. Chai is their tea, I love stroganoff, and there are so many colorful words in Russia that I want to learn.

Dude, where is that “Conversational Russian” book I had in my house? Grrrrr!

I hope I find it and that I didn’t give it away. I really need that book.

And I hope even more that my cabin mates are really friendly and are interested in holding online conversations every day or so. After all, my quarter century birthday is in less than a month. Nearly 25 years I’ve been on this planet, oh my.

Until next time, minya vash Nerd Queen and I will see you soon!

Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing, writing, writing, writing… (pant pant) Writing, writing, wriiiting, writing, just keep writing…


3 thoughts on “Another Camp, another novel

  1. Your story sounds really interesting!! You can always chat with me about your writing during Camp NaNoWriMo. Hopefully some day I’ll get a chance to read your story. Good luck with your planning, and writing in July!

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