A Faberge egg birthday

faberge egg25 years on July 25th. This is what I immediately realized when I was about five years old, old enough to understand when my birthday was. I even made up a lame song about it that became annoying after singing it for a while.

But that’s what kids do. I’m sure that’s what Rebecca Black did to please those young people in teaching about the days of the week. “Yesterday was Thursday… today is Friday (partyin’, partyin’)…” You get the idea.

But since I’m a quarter of a century old, I’ve felt like I’ve grown out of birthdays. Usually, kids get a birthday cake and wish for an awesome party with their friends. But since the financial storm looms over the Ahrens house about ready to strike, and a lot of the things I really want are way too expensive or impossible to get, I decided to tell my mother:

“Mom, don’t get me anything this year. Let’s just treat my birthday like any other day. Have a nice dinner at home, borrow some movies from the library, watch said movies at home until we pass out, and just go to bed. We don’t have to go to a nice restaurant; we can go to Taco Bell for all we care. So, can we just celebrate my birthday next year?”

What did my mother say to that? She laughed.

She said she wanted to celebrate my birthday no matter what. Lord knows, we can’t pay the bills, but we’re sure as hell going to have a birthday! I have no idea. It’s just another day and my turning another year older.

I’m only getting older, that’s all.

But as I talked on Camp NaNoWriMo earlier this month with my fellow online pals (they spend way too much time writing, hence why I’ve fallen behind), one of them, daysofgrace, said that mine was a “golden birthday”. That was when your birth day number matches how old you are. But later I talked to my best friend from college, who told me I was having my “silver” birthday, because like anniversaries, birthdays were named for milestones.

25 years- silver

50 years- gold

60 years- diamond (I think, considering Her Majesty the Queen’s “Diamond Jubilee”)

70 or 75 years- platinum

On the other hand, I looked up matching birthday numbers. It says on the Google search that when your age and birth day match it is a golden birthday regardless. There was one link from Answers I clicked on that said a woman’s daughter turned 10 years old on October 10, 2010. That’s 10 on 10/10/10. And she wondered what to do for how a special day like that was.

The thing is, most people celebrate their coincidental birthdays before they could walk. Some were born on the first, second or third of the month and they would celebrate that day when they’re babies. They wouldn’t even remember their big successful paradox.

Some have to wait a long time to celebrate theirs. They would need to wait until their older years for the middle or the end of the month to have them. 15 on the 15th. 31 on the 31st, you know what I mean.

Worst of all, for people born on February 29th in a leap year, 29 is not an even number and it will never fall on a leap year so they could actually celebrate it. Therefore, they’d have to celebrate 28 years on the 28th, which is really cheating.

So, I guess I’ll make the most of it. It’s my silver and golden year, so I should make it as best as can be. After all, there is a slight possibility that my boyfriend and his family is taking me out to The Cheesecake Factory on the actual day. Then again, this is a very slight chance. I don’t know what their plans for that evening are.

So the list stands thus…

For my silver-and-gold birthday

Presents I would love:

My copy of the Doctor Who-Star Trek crossover “Assimilation2” graphic novel (too expensive)

A Doctor Who sonic screwdriver (too expensive)

New laptop with CD drive and windows 7 (way too expensive)

Scrivener computer application (Windows 7 version) for writing novels (sold separately, only available for download- $40)

DVD of Tangled and 2 Broke Girls (impossible to get either one for a low price anywhere)

New purse, big enough to hold books (all big purses for sale out there have ugly styles) (I love butterflies, bows, and nostalgia- and yet all purses look boring)

Dinner at Red Robin (if Brendan’s parents call to cancel) (too expensive)

A delicious chocolate cake with buttercream frosting (mom can’t eat flour and dad can’t have sugar)

The birthday we can afford:

Ice cream at home –no cake or fancy desserts because of parents’ health issues

Dinner at Taco Bell or cheap Chinese carry out place (I know, ew.)

Window shopping with mom at the mall followed by more shopping at Rugged Wearhouse and Rainbow

Renting movies from the public library

Going home and sleeping in front of the TV

Birthday I plan to have, regardless of financial hardship:

Morning spent at the library, chatting with online writing campers

Lunch with mom, spent at Giant (delicious spinach salads from the salad bar), followed by shopping at Rainbow

Going home for a quick shower

Parents showering me with gifts

Going to the Cheesecake Factory with parents, boyfriend, and boyfriend’s parents

Birthday present and good night birthday kiss from boyfriend

Ending the night with talking to Kerensa until 11 p.m. before writing more and going to bed

The sooner this birthday comes and goes- the better. Two more days. Two more days.

On second thought, it sounds like a big deal because silver and gold in one year? Sounds like a Faberge egg or a great big piece of jewelry. This is one hell of a special day. A Faberge birthday.

It’s a Christmas in July anyway!


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