The Author Awakens part deux

Now… where was I?

Matt Smith


It started in July, 2013 when our friends came over for Independence Day weekend barbecue and I had a little reunion with Delian. At one point, he said that there was a rift between us and that he wasn’t sure who I was anymore. He said I was always one step ahead of him in everything and now that I finished college and didn’t have a job, he wondered what happened.

I had no idea what to say to that. But that was the moment I realized I had no clue who I was. I needed to find myself fast.

I have done just that in the past few weeks. After taking some long walks to places along the beaten path to Parkville, I realized I was a nerd and a writer/web geek. I also realized that the old Rachel, who desperately wanted popularity and hated herself for too long, had to die.

The old Rachel is slowly dying a slightly painless death, even though a couple of times she came up to the surface and fought back. I’m fighting back with a few things in mind.

I walk to the library every day. I plan to join the “ladies only” comic club at the comic book store across the way. I’m reconnecting with some old friends… and I hope to talk to Delian again, when I do find him online on Facebook so we can chat.

blue dressPlus, I’m slowly working on going to bed earlier so I can get up at a good time, say nine in the morning.

I have less than 20 days to get back on track to loving myself and trusting myself to become a powerful force called The Author. The Author is the last of her kind, who fixes the rifts in story timelines with her sonic gel pen, travels in a TARDIS (Timeline and Relative Dimension in Stories), and protects the character race from evil creatures and bad writers from outer space. She is also very lonely and wishes to find her next companion to travel along.

So, my dear fellow writers, are you ready to become The Author?

I’m just about ready for those fish fingers and custard. Let me move my box.


And by the way, hair ribbons are cool.


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