A friendly goodbye

This is a response to this video on Upworthy, in light of events in the past year and a half due to bullying.

Warning: strong language.

You called me “Rachel Baytchel”
in the first grade
You never knew me at all
You poured Elmer’s glue on my chair
Your friend ordered me to say
“Screw you” to my wonderful teacher
because he said it meant “thank you”
you got me detention,
you got me in the principal’s office
And all I wanted was to defend myself
From little twerps like you

You called me and a friend of mine
lezbo assholes in the bathroom
In bubbly ballpoint pen graffiti
My first impression was to find
some acrylic paint
or friendly pink nail polish
and paint it over
My second impression was to write
“So are you, whore!” next to it
But the thing is I don’t know you
I never knew you
In all four years of high school
You never wrote your name on there
telling me who you were
So now I have nothing to say to you

I wanted to be friends with you
because you were so nice
and inviting in Spanish class
You told me I was awesome and sweet
I wanted to hang out with you
after class, after school, Spanish Club
But when I asked if we could be friends,
You said, “My friends don’t like you…
I have to choose you or them
And I can’t choose you.”
You were probably the worst bully of all

Those of you who didn’t
give me a chance to show you
what kind of angel I could be
and instead branded me with hellfire
And gave me names
Crazy bitch
Rolling Rachel
Pipi Longstocking
You can take those names back
or let God deal with you because
bullies aren’t welcome in heaven

And my scars aren’t healing
Well, not completely
But they’ve made me grow
And I know my place
It’s time you go find yours


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