Courtesy Cards: Mardi Gras and Carnival

Dear Pope Francis,

I hear you now have lots of kids running around dressed as you for Carnival. But you should be careful and watch over your Mini Me’s… I saw the devil go, “Baby! Get in my belly!”

Dear snow,

Why do you have to come the week of Mardi Gras to make things worse for everyone? I’m hoping Louisiana won’t feel it because you know they want to party.

Dear New Orleans,

Take it easy on the parties on Wednesday, you don’t want to be hung-over when you get to work during Lent.

Dear Cajun chefs,

Crawfish? Spicy jumbalaya? Really? I think I’d rather have some shrimp gumbo soup on a cold day like today.

Dear leprechauns,

Don’t get so excited on Mardi Gras; you’ll need to do your job for St. Pat’s. And please put that pot of gold in a safe or a vault in a bank where thieves won’t try to take it with the secure combinations. That way, you have no reason to worry about rainbows.


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