To write or not to write… at Camp NaNo

It’s that time of year again. As I’m writing this, it is the day before the Camp April begins. It ironically starts on April Fool’s Day and ends on the 30th and I haven’t really made up my mind as to what I want to write, especially with the demands of my temp job.
Hey, at least I’m doing something other than staying home completely bored!
Right now, I’m listening to my new favorite Arctic Monkeys CD a second time, wishing I could go to the Firefly music festival here in Maryland so I could see them perform “Do I Wanna Know?” and “Arabella” –my favorite song. Meanwhile, I have several, a whole two handfuls, of works I’m thinking of expanding this April. I would really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to comment to see which story would be good for revising or writing this year.
I’ve got 25,000 words to work with, which I hope won’t be too much this year because I’ll be busy the rest of the next two or three weeks with my Office Team assignment. If not, I’ll try to decrease the workload before the end of the month.
Here are some of my ideas:
Pushing Daisies presents “Creamed”: My own fanfiction screenplay I started writing in 2007 while attending CCBC and during the dreaded writers’ strike that put many TV shows on hold. ABC’s Pushing Daisies was one of them and in the event, the whimsical murder mystery/tragicomedy got cut off way too short after airing its second season. Plus, there were some loose ends between the season one finale and the season two opener. Therefore, I decided to bridge the gap between them in making a Valentine’s Day episode featuring a Cupid style killer, a secret admirer franchise battling with an ice cream shop, Ned the Piemaker’s somber birthday (and his sweetheart Chuck trying to fix it), and of course pies and muuuuurrrrder!
Northanger Raspberry Royale: Yes, the first installment of the Prisoner of Austen novel still needs work. I’m working on the second draft and I know people are raving about it already, plus I also have notes on the next two sequels- Chamomile for Sensibility, the rich climactic companion to Northanger, and the epic conclusion Peppermint Persuasion.
Guinness, Rainbows, and Rebecca: This is a brand new story I came up with right around St. Patrick’s Day as a tribute to my Irish ancestors. Then again, it sounds more like a Hallmark Channel movie than something that sells. It’s a romantic comedy tale about a leprechaun who goes on holiday in Ireland as a mortal human and runs into a beautiful American painter, falling instantly in love with her. I know, stupid.
Aurora Rose: The twisted story of Sleeping Beauty in modern day New York City. Aurora Rose Bryant is in between passions of working corporate for a cosmetic franchise to pay the bills and writing her own songs and music compositions, until learns from her grandmother her family is cursed to never live happily ever after, whether it be ending up divorced or widowed in a matter of months to as much as ten years or so. All it takes is for Aurora to make the wrong decision, and a nice guy dies at the stroke of twelve. The only way to break the curse is to rescue a prince, and luckily there is a real budding monarch she meets down the road.
Once Upon Manhattan: A screenplay based on my favorite series by Shanna Swendson, combining her first two installments Enchanted, Inc. and Once Upon Stilettos, and making it into a magical fantasy comedy starring a mortal from Texas named Katie Chandler. But she’s not an ordinary mortal; she can see magic spells and creatures: elves, fairies, wizards, the works.
And last but not least, my ideas for my new internet sitcom, Room For Rent: It started as a half hour comedy I thought would be great for people to watch on TV, but then I remembered how impossible it is to get something on a network and have it accumulate enough ratings to stay on the air. After all, I’m not Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, Marta Kauffman, Whitney Cummings, or the dreaded Chuck Lorre. (I don’t like his shows, except for Big Bang Theory. The other ones like Mom and Mike and Molly are lame.)
Anyway, Room For Rent is a brand new series featuring two good girlfriends from college who are roommates with an exotic dancer, until they kick her out. To replace her because they need the rent money and the nerdy romantic girl Charlie does not want to go back to her parents, they rent out the room to a cynical ex boyfriend of one of the girls and his stoner best friend. This is something I’ve wanted to build up for a long time, showing that no matter how young or how old you are, love and a better life are always around the corner.
It’s a “How I Met Your Father” show but with some steampunk, college students, mall hoes (what I like to call teenage girls who turn up at the mall every day, spending their money), hipsters, a ditzy party girl named Calliope (who Charlie calls “miss carousel” or Call-ee-oap), corsets, rock performances, a killer soundtrack, and the mysterious “father,” Charlie’s future husband and “trumpet playing Time Lord” she meets almost halfway into the series, instead of at the very end. (Hint, hint, the dreaded finale from the nine-year sitcom starring Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris)
After all, the How I Met Your Mother finale was just depressing. It had its funny moments, but I felt extremely disappointed that they killed off the mother, Tracy Mosby, and got Ted and Robin back together when they’re already old and gray in the end. Whatever happened to Robin’s kids? Ted did say the words “Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin and their kids” in a Thanksgiving episode, so why did the writers have to divorce them for good?
Sorry, that last moment when Ted went up to Tracy to talk to her about the yellow umbrella was MAGIC! It showed so much more magic than the moment where Ted fetched the blue French horn for Robin in the very first episode. They were just not meant to be. If anything, it should have been a little more Casablanca or Ruby Sparks and less Definitely, Maybe. Then again, Definitely, Maybe was a better show because you actually liked the character Ryan Reynolds went for in the end after Reynolds divorced the “mother” of Abigail Breslin. I still can’t like Robin.
Anyway, I’m done going on about this. Mother made me so angry I threw a pillow, I’ll admit. I’m not proud of it. 🙂 But I’m a big believer in something no sitcom or romcom movie has ever done yet… the pure nature of hope, in even the darkest times to the loneliest. Move over 2 Broke Girls, even though I love that show enormously (I mean that), and Friends With Better Lives, please go jump off a cliff and don’t come back. (Not kidding.) Someone, please give me something with heart that doesn’t fail to please.
Hey, maybe I should just write it myself.
Suggestions, anyone? I’ll be at the library this weekend if you need me.


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