Supergirl Returns (full of love like helium)

Dancing last Friday for me kind of went like this. Courtesy of Walt Disney Films.

Dancing last Friday for me kind of went like this. Courtesy of Walt Disney Films.

Better late than never! Written August 29, 2014:

To be perfectly honest, I am long overdue for starting a new post and there really is no excuse for me not writing.

I have just endured another night of ballroom dancing, all Dukes of Wessleton aside, and I’m probably in for the craziest weekend for the final weekend of summer. Well, summer isn’t technically over until September 21, but technically when people stop wearing white after Labor Day and the sun starts to set at 7:45 p.m. instead of quarter to nine, that normally means the colder weather is coming and it’s back to school.

Now about the Dukes of Wessleton, if you’ve ever seen the Disney movie Frozen, you might have seen some of these kinds of dancers at my usual ballroom club I frequent most Friday nights. Some of them do crazy moves like the character, like bending over and making the girl twirl around him with her hand holding his behind his back. Another one is where the guy starts spinning you out of control when you’re only supposed to spin once or twice. But three or five times when he lets you go and says, ‘spin’?

This is why I feel very dizzy as I’m writing this at one in the morning. My feet began to feel the burn at the end of the night. At least I mastered the cha-cha.

I’m trying to feel tired by listening to the clacking of the keys as I’m typing and nothing else. I had a blast from the past to middle school when I heard “Smooth” by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas on the speakers, and I got to swing dance to a live band’s cover of “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan. On top of it all, my mother and I got wrapped up in my favorite Harry Connick album on the way to and from the dance hall, the one he made when he was 19 or 20 and very, very cute back in the late 1980s/ early 90s Harry Met Sally years.

Well, now I have a reason to go to dance lessons with a guy. I just need to bring him. Plus, there’s no excuse for me to abandon my writing right now because I’m getting plenty of inspiration.

It’s like the dancing: You can’t get any better at writing unless you do it on a daily or weekly basis. You also can’t get as many hits on your web site unless you go out there and write something, on a blog or on social media. You have to go to dance halls and let the dancers come to ask you to dance, or get enough courage to ask for a partner.

Kerensa, best friend, says I’m very brave when it comes to guys. I’m not sure if I’m as brave as she says, but I am brave enough to kiss people, or really, let the guys kiss me. I have demonstrated that time and again since the age of 15, though a few men were too shy and scared to kiss me and others turned out to be horrible in the end.

That’s why she’s pretty much told me I looked in the wrong places. Until now.

A few months ago, I reported that I didn’t write as much last year for November due to a broken heart. I thought that last boyfriend of mine was the last straw and never again would I give a guy another chance. But when I went on my birthday escapade with Kerensa and the guys, I started writing again like Supergirl, faster than a speeding bullet.

And I’m giving falling in love a second chance.

It’s slow, but I like slow relationships. Besides, when you’re just getting back into dancing again, you have to be gentle and easy. Don’t force your partner to do anything crazy, even if you’re a professional and you want to try something. If your partner is just re-learning the steps, take it easy, keep it clean, teach her like she’s a beginner, and make sure you don’t let go.

Oh, and don’t start off practicing the tango. You can watch people do the tango, but don’t get involved because the floor can get crowded and you don’t want to step on toes or bump into others.

Anyway, other than breaking my one year hiatus two weeks ago in starting a new relationship, and he is a sweetheart by the way, I’m giving a previous story idea another chance since I tossed it in the trash before my first year at Towson University.

Presenting… Red, Violet, and Blue: The untold story (maybe even a spin-off of Sky High where Will Stronghold is a dad—kidding) of Violet Jennifer Harris, the daughter of two incredible parents that may take after Superman and Wonder Woman. What sucks is Violet washed out of high school placement when she applied to her parents’ alma mater, Falcon High.

This time, she doesn’t get stuck in sidekick class. The school throws her out because she has no powers and she now has to be an average, boring citizen doomed to never be any kind of hero. Like Lois Lane, who gets into trouble with Lex Luthor or General Zod every time she does something stupid to put her life in danger, Violet must now conform to being the damsel like the whole public is.

Does she hate that life enough already? Apparently, not enough. She tries to invent her own weapons and gadgets to protect herself, with the help of her new friends at Generic High School, until her parents find out the truth that she has no powers. And when she does give up on building things similar to Batman and Iron Man, her mutant X-Men powers start creeping out, and Falcon High has no choice but to take her back, for she’s a late blossom.

I wrote the first draft of the first three chapters during my brief stint with Harper Collins Publisher’s online teenage e-book challenge, where young fans got online to write a chapter a week before being voted to be used for a brand new electronic publication. Yes, there was a cash prize involved for anyone who won each of the five weeks with the best chapter, and no, I didn’t win any of them. I probably procrastinated too much because I was busy struggling with the college algebra torture and English 101 mysteries.

The forums on HarperTeen’s fan page blossomed and remained for a year until someone shut them down. I tried to stick with other fan literature pages as well, but people abandoned and deleted them also, despite all the angry emails and petitions from writers. But when I found Novel Writing Month years later, I decided to revive the story after realizing the work needed serious revision before burning it.

I kept the notes for future reference. But I did not leave it to die.

Therefore, I will be constantly rewriting N is for Northanger and this new superhero book for teens, if I can better time manage. My new boyfriend will soon be getting a car to see me when he can, so he can learn to dance with me. We also plan to do a Doctor Who episode re-watch, I need to make more time to meditate and job hunt, and I need to start looking in the right places to publish.

I still need to learn the waltz, the most elegant of the dances. I’ve always envisioned myself dancing the waltz at a wedding reception, the dee jay playing my favorite slow song “I’ll Be”, as in, “I’ll be your crying shoulder…”

Well, hope everyone has a great last summer holiday before the following months of Clothing Lent. I am wearing one of my white band shirts tomorrow night for karaoke.

Must sleep. Must. Sleep. Now. Good night.

A little mood music for you:


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