“New title, new blog… I’m going shopping!”

As River Song said in season 6: "New body, new town... I'm going shopping!" From BBC Worldwide, 2012.

As River Song said in season 6: “New body, new town… I’m going shopping!” From BBC Worldwide, 2012.

Well, 2014 has made a name for itself as quite the interesting year.

Sadly enough, it’s been a crappy one at that: Russia, the loss of my favorite comedian ever with some other great actors who didn’t live long enough (RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, a.k.a. “The Count” in my favorite rock and roll movie Pirate Radio), lots of crappy new music coming to the radio scene (and very few new artists and songs that sound promising), losing and acquiring and losing jobs again, and some friends of mine losing loved ones across the board. (RIP “The Ambassador of Smooth” at Costas karaoke, along with beloved friends and family of Godfather and the Godmama of karaoke.)

Then again, I know it will be a while before I go back to karaoke for a number of reasons. The biggest one of all is that I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been going through the motions of just going every week and now I don’t feel like I’m having fun anymore. But my hiatus from karaoke will not be that long, I promise. I’m coming back after this break.

But as I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve (I know, I’m so terrible at keeping track of posting things at least once a week, but I have my reasons- I was sick all last week… even on Christmas Day, dammit), and I probably won’t publish this until January because the library won’t let me finish writing this in time because everyone’s closing early for the holiday and I officially have plans for tonight (hoorah!), I think it’s about time I give this blog a teeny tiny makeover.

For a while, I kept looking at my old blog design every time I published another post and realized it had looked exactly the same since 2012, which needless to say has gotten boring. “Rachel Beth Ahrens Fiction and More” sounded clean cut as I started writing this blog, but after reading enough articles in Writer’s Digest magazine and other books and advice on blogging, it’s just not catchy enough.

So, I’ve given my blog a new fresh start for 2015, with a new background and title theme, similar to that of my favorite British series.

Ok, so I’m a Whovian and a little obsessive, I’ll admit it. But “Lady in the Blue Box” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Plus, I’m very excited for tonight when I visit an old friend from college before I transferred to Towson University, who I haven’t seen in more than a year- after the ball drops at midnight tonight, we’re popping the champagne and watching the first of the new Doctor Who episodes starring the new Twelfth Doctor, Mr. Capaldi.

I’ve heard enough very good things about “Deep Breath” such as a creepy steampunk robot that you’re not supposed to breathe around, something ridiculously impossible and awesome as a dinosaur in the Thames River, another adventure with the Paternoster Gang (I’ve seen a bunch of fan based cartoons imagining some romantic moments between Jenny and Vastra on Facebook), the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith was rumored to make his very last appearance with one final phone call to Clara before regenerating just as Clara has already ventured with the new guy, and the episode itself has yet another genius screenplay written by my guru Steven Moffat. So I’ve decided that I’m not waiting to see this with my boyfriend the next time we see each other; I’m watching it tonight after my celebratory toast and short rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”.

Therefore, to end this final post before the New Year of 2015, my blog now has a new look, and I’m starting with a fresher take on things. Next time, the following post will have something a lot more positive, because I’m hoping that I’ll be pretty sure…

2015 will be my year.

thirteen doctors

All the best, dahhlin’s.

Playlist selection: The best songs of 2014
(Sorry, but Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are not good enough to make the list, HA!)

Number five: “Come With Me Now” by KONGOS
(Pretty catchy, fellas. Love the use of accordion!)

Number four: “Cool Kids” by Echosmith
(Feel good song about the dark side of bullying. I’ll be shocked if they don’t get to the Grammy Awards for it.)

Number three: The Black Keys- “Gotta Get Away”
(The dynamic guitar and cow bell duo are back with the new album Turn Blue and their first single from that record “Fever”, but this song really took me away. But don’t let the video hypnotize you… You are getting sleepy… Veeeeery sleeeepy… You love the music… You looooove the music… You love the Black Keys… You love rock and roll… Listen to the cow bell…)

Number two (and Number one best “guilty pleasure” song of ’14):
Meghan Trainor- “Lips Are Movin'”
(And I’ve got nothing to say. She’s got bass, I’ll give her that, and I’m not a big fan of her first mega hit. But with the way she wrote this song, she’s got… what rhymes with walls?)

And the BEST song of 2014?

“Dangerous” by Big Data and Joywave
(Congratulations, guys! Your electronic take on rock and roll really is… dangerous. Bet you didn’t know I knew that.)

Oh, and I forgot one!

Because my favorite band is so awesome:

Can’t wait for American Beauty/American Psycho this January, 2015! Pete, Andy, Joe, and my baby darling Patrick, I am so incredibly proud of you boys. *Air kisses*

Hope you love the new look, but as always, I am keeping my domain name as rachelbethahrens.wordpress.com. Happy New Year, fictioners and nerditarians!


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