No Glamour, No Riches, Just Love- a poem

Can I explain my absence in poetry form? Here it is for you poetry lovers-

Another British gospel pop star wins trophies

So I don’t want to be taken to church
Don’t tell me “Stay With Me”
I’m not on my knees
I’d rather hear the other British ginger sing
And find love right where we are
I want to change that.


Another movie about a man with wings scores
But I have no God-forsaken interest
In seeing an old actor who used to be a
Satirical gangster in one “Dangerously” movie
And a boisterous undead ghoul in another comedy
Don’t make him strap on a pair of black as raven wings
That fly like the white beast in the Never-Ending Story
Making him look worse than the retired champion wrestler
In the Tooth Fairy movie
Keaton got no trophy
Because the Birdman left a mess on the Oscar’s windshield
Like Larry the Cable Guy’s worst joke
I wish the movie about space travel stole the Picture award
Instead of going “gentle into that good night
But movies about aliens, rocket ships, superheroes,
Space or time travel
Will never win Best Picture until Queen Elsa of Arendelle
Freezes Satan and his friends
I want to change that.

Another best-selling book becomes a movie
Millions of dollars more revenue for Ms. James
Anastasia and Grey, JD and DJ, seriously?
I don’t blame the actors
I blame the book and producers
The author is begging to write the next script
The movie scumbag corporation told her
“You can’t write worth a damn,” which is true
But they messed with the plot
Made it a laughing stock
Torturing the author worse than
The Virgin Anastasia
And her mysterious Shaded lover
Ms. James still can’t fix her grammar
And won’t get her hands dirty
To write something about BDSM
And she only printed her book using
While other self-published writer friends I know
Still have problems paying their mortgage
With mountains of college debt and hungry babies
That will never get any presents, making Santa Claus a lie
I want to change that.

Another Jimmy John’s, Papa John’s,
Dunkin’ Donuts, Sonic, crappy American “Chinese” food
A sandwich, pizza slice, noodles and spicy sweet chicken
Actually cost more than you think
Only five dollars in my pocket, or is it my parents’ pocket?
Either way, I have no choice but to go hungry
Three dollars used to get you that comfy belly feeling
Now three dollars gets you just one coffee
Maybe a donut too, but you’re still starving
If only I could change that now.

Another job interview, another job gone sour
Another lawyer who should be retired
No tax forms filled out, I walked home
Never going back again
Another snow storm, an arctic blast,
Another convention I could enjoy life and forget
But another phone call put my bliss on hold
I kissed my last kiss goodbye
To my little four-legged friend with
The sweetest dog kisses in the world
Another Valentine’s Day ruined
Another deceased pet
Made so many phone calls to reconnect with friends
They gave their condolences
“So sorry for losing a beloved puppy”
But no plans to get together because everyone is busy
Everyone has changed but me
Can I change the course of time?

Someone let me put my foot down
Let me have something I want!
There is no word for “need” in the dictionary
Only words like “LOL” and “selfie”
Food, clothes, shelter
Who needs these now?
You need the new iPhone from Cricket
And shiny new cars and credit cards
You don’t need a job, jobs are for teenagers!
You need a career, careers are for grown-ups
And grown women of twenty-six too
But I don’t know what my career should be anymore
I still don’t know what I want
Is it possible for women to have a quarter-life crisis?
If so, I’ve hit the bottom of that hundred foot drop
Where is The Mentalist Patrick Jane to hypnotize me
Into relaxing serene pleasure?!

I had a dream, once
See something I wrote on the book shelf for sale
Or see my face on the cover of Rolling Stone
In high school, I wished I was a famous rock singer
So I could have my bodyguards pummel my bullies
To the ground
Kanye West and Miley Cyrus conquered like Cortez and the Aztecs
In college, I wished I could be a veterinarian
So I could find a cure for cat dander
And sell fur treatments for feline friends
So everyone could have a furry kitten
Without hay fever and sniffle-y histamine
Including me with my super sensitive nose
Every time I visited my best friend and her mouse chaser
But the same time I lost my favorite puppy
She lost her kitty too

By the end of college, I wanted to be a journalist
I had dreams of seeing my work in print
Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press
I wanted to interview Alicia Keys and John Legend
A documentary of Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
That was my number one rock star fantasy
But in the middle of my last assignment
For a pro-bono newsletter
A local band did their show, left me in a lurch,
And the lead singer took two weeks
To answer my questions but vague in answers
To my question on his Dubliners “cover”-
“Not sure what you heard… nope, never heard it before, sorry.”
The crowd- “i think they really dug the energy.”
I knew then no one would take me seriously
I resigned and put the dream to eternal sleep

I still wanted to write
I dreamed a dream where I published a best seller
I dreamed a dream where I won something for anything
I dreamed a dream where I celebrated my 30th birthday
And I was never lonely, never lonely again
I dreamed an impossible dream
To join the likes of people I’ve heard of
But never met in person in my whole life
Most of all, I dreamed the impossible dream
That I would never starve, never be cold,
Never hate anything or anyone
And I would never have yet
Another tiny catastrophe happen to my life

I used to want fortune
I used to want fame
Now I just want love
Rich people do stupid things with their money
Celebrities do even dumber things for more fame
Coffee place baristas are surly
Managers are downright evil
Must mean the rich and famous people are
The cruelest wicked witches of the globe
Don’t want to hear any more gossip
Because I don’t want to turn into them or worse
All I want is love
Don’t want the world to run on money any more
All I want is love
Don’t want to live on anything else
All I want is love, love
I wish that in order to survive that John Lennon was right
When he said
“Love is all you need.”

But now, the world’s come to this:
“All you need is cash, cash
Love don’t pay for anything.”


In loving memory of D’Artagnon Ahrens, the littlest Musketeer

D'Artagnon, the sweetest dachshund I ever had, on our last day together.

D’Artagnon, the sweetest dachshund I ever had, on our last day together.

Born April 3, 2009—Died February 15, 2015

“Dog” is just “God” spelled backwards.

There will never be another sweet puppy like my baby man.

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