My Big Fat Geek Birthday- and a Baymax, too


Courtesy of Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios.

I’ve just watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Mother’s Day with my mom just for giggles. My mom found the DVD on sale at a used disc store, saying she forgot if it was any good so she grabbed it. Watching it straight through for the first time the night before, I had no expectations, except it’s a comedy because Nia Vardalos, who wrote and starred in the movie, also wrote and starred in the hillarious Victor-Victoria/ Some Like It Hot comedy set in Los Angeles, Connie and Carla.

Basically, the movie screams Cher and Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck, if one of the characters had a huge psychotic and exasperating Greek family. To sum it up in one word: Oupa!

Speaking as a nerd, the movie made me think of something funny, if not dangerous since thinking is dangerous on this planet. Through all 95 minutes, I felt nothing but sorry for poor Toula dealing with her crazy (and grotesquely creepy) family as they tried to get her married at the age of 30. And well, I’m going to be 30 years old in three years, which still shakes me up like a nightmare that starts off weird and goes from bad to worse. You may want to wake up from it, thinking it can never get any worse, but it does anyway and you find you’re not sleeping at all.

That said, although my 30th birthday is 38.5 months away, which seems like halfway to Milliways (the restaurant at the end of the universe- see Douglas Adams), I’m coming up with stupid, scary, freak ideas for a birthday celebration. I do have a whole file on my USB flash drive filled to the brim with pictures of dresses, cakes and ceremonies for a wedding of my own that I may never have. And that’s fine for a woman of my age who’s at that phase of finally picturing her wedding coming together.

A pimple on your face on your wedding day? Call the Beauty Patrol! From Gold Circle Films.

A pimple on your face on your wedding day? Call the Beauty Patrol! From Gold Circle Films.

The spooky part of both problems is this: I’m too obsessed with the Doctor Who and Marvel fandoms that it’s all I can think about for either one, especially the non-existant wedding. That is one ugly issue enough to be a zit on Toula’s face day of the wedding, making all of her bridesmaids, her first cousins and sisters, scream for the fire department.

However, if there is one theme or nerd reference to a party, anything, where I am guest of honor (I hope I’m not coming off as a whackjob selfish American fog brain- I am withholding the actual phrases I use to describe my selfishness), I would love something similar to this:

Ever since I saw Big Hero 6 at the discount movie theatre, I wanted a Baymax… and more so, I needed to buy that new Fall Out Boy album, even if it kills me. After all, they have been my all-time favorite band since high school to this day.

2015 June issue, Alternative Press magazine.

2015 June issue, Alternative Press magazine. Glad I have this copy at long last. 🙂

Glad I grabbed the copy of AP magazine as soon as I got to a grocery newsstand while my dad wasn’t looking this past Sunday. Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy are on this month’s cover with a gray balloon backdrop, black and white photography, as it is the punk rock magazine’s 30th anniversary. 30, how ironic.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know I’m referring to the song “Immortals” (see playlist selection >>>).

Back on the subject of the fluffy white huggable robot-guy, there are times where I feel like Hiro Hamada in his caffeinated energetic state over bot-fighting or going to his brother Tadashi’s “nerd school” in San Fransokyo. Other times, I just want a hug or something reassuring and comforting, like Baymax when he says, “You are my patient and I will not deactivate until you are satisfied with your care.” That’s pretty much how I’ve felt lately as I am writing this, and sad to say it’s become a routine thing and many of my friends, my mother included, are tired of it.

On a lighter note, I’ve been thinking of both aspects of Baymax, both on the consoling level of a best friend, and an awesome combat master in kicking villains and handing their butts to them. Since robotics and artificial intelligence have not been perfected to that degree, there is a very long wait time to get one, maybe a couple more decades. So the birthday idea still remains: Just get me a giant pillow or plush toy from the Disney Store or the like, big enough to rest my head on, and in the shape of… “You have been a good patient. Have a lollipop!

I confess, upon leaving the theatre, the only thing I could say or think in front of my father was asking him, “Daddy, can I have one?” Not in the Wonka’s whiny brat Veruca Salt manner, like an innocent girl with pigtails until she’s dragged out of the store in tears by the law of mommy.

Insert David Bowie’s command to the goblins: “Well, laugh!” You know I’m not truly serious, I just want to get the Fall Out Boy album and the movie on DVD –with my money.

Ok, enough with this lengthy, confusing post. My throat hurts a ton from karaoke night. I am in desperate need of some lemon and Tension Tamer tea, so I can hopefully sleep later tonight without any real screaming-to-waking nightmares.

With my 30th birthday coming in the allotted time I stated above, I hope I see white balloons, a chocolatey buttercream cake, that sunny, non-humid, perfect Gulf weather coming from the Southwest; and some good rockabilly/ ballroom danceable music (live band preferred) surfing before me when it gets here.

My mother has always told me without fail that July 25th, my Christmas-in-July day, was always the most beautiful day of the year.

I just wish the back-to-school sales started and the gross, humid Baltimore summer weather continued through that day, driving every mom, child and college student haywire.

Anyone up for a destination celebration? There’s a three-year wait for that. 🙂

Told you I’d post something a little more positive… I hope I did…

Two month countdown to my “Blackout” 27th initiated…

Playlist Selection >>>

*A final sidenote: A lot of stuff has been happening at home lately, so I haven’t been able to post the new addition to the Mr. Midnight stories. I will post another one soon, sometime after Memorial Day weekend.

And shortly following: the newest series on the “mindfulness” approach to actual Time Lord adventures, “The Doctor is In”!


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