Hasn’t anybody noticed???

For my 90th post (woot!), I figured I’d post something quick and painless, just to end the month of May and prep for the sweltering summer ahead. Hope this June will not be a problem with all the crazy crap going on this year…

If you remember and/ or enjoyed my “Courtesy Cards” from last year, this post will be slightly similar to that, so I do hope you like this one.

Has anyone noticed…

In practically every commercial leading up to the premier of “The Late Late Show”, the new host taking over for Craig Ferguson keeps saying that no one really remembered him from any show, absolutely nothing?

Well, he’s absolutely wrong in that respect… because the Whovians remember him…

Corden Doctor lodger

So, James Corden, how come we’ve seen your face before when the Doctor showed up on your front door as your new roommate, hmm?

“The Lodger”, who turned out to be the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith… Corden Doctor lodger soccer

and the reunion with the same bow-tied alien at “Closing Time”…

Corden Smith closing time cybermen

How could I have possibly forgotten? Did you forget, Mr. Corden? Oh no, please don’t tell me you don’t remember Craig, Sophie, or little Alfie… sorry, I meant Stormageddon…

Matt Doctor stormy

Doctor (Matt Smith) with baby Stormageddon in “Closing Time”, BBC 2011.

How cute were you guys! (And not to pressure you or nothing, but do you know when you’re bringing Matt Smith to your show? I will stay up ridiculously late to see that episode, promise!)

Also, has anyone ever noticed…

The doors in the Labyrinth are actually mirroring the Twin Guardians of Horus?

From Jim Henson Productions.

From Jim Henson Productions.

If anyone remembers this very old episode from the 1970s, you’d probably get it by now:

Horus guards 4

"...And I should warn you: One of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies. That’s a rule too. He always lies."

“…And I should warn you: One of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies.” “That’s a rule too. He always lies.”

"I do not! I tell the truth!" "Ooooh, what a lie!"

“I do not! I tell the truth!” “Ooooh, what a lie!”

I guess Sarah picked the wrong door because she fell through the trap door of the Oubliette! The Fourth Doctor actually did something right because he knew how to handle the riddle of the Osirans… that and Sarah (Jane Smith) was trapped in the Decadron Crucible.  Horus guards 6

Horus guards 7See? He hit the right button!

Poor Sarah (friend)... the Helping Hands were no help either.

Poor Sarah (friend)… the Helping Hands were no help either.

By the way, apparently, the Fourth Doctor has used his scarf as a measuring tape, like a ruler. measuring scarf 2

measuring scarf 3

All Fourth Doctor/ Sarah Jane images from Pyramids of Mars, Doctor Who classic series, BBC, from original broadcast in 1975.

These two houses also look like twins… sort of:

Caliburn House Hide 3 House Pyramid 1







Anyone noticed the house that would soon become UNIT headquarters in “Pyramids of Mars” looks an awful lot like the Caliburn House in “Hide” with Clara and the Eleventh Doctor?

Sorry, but you went to your producer and said, “Do you know that old house on the moors, the one that dossers are too scared to doss in, the one that birds are too scared to fly over?” And you said, “I’d like to film a good deal of Doctor Who episodes there, with my money”?

Pardon my Clara Oswin Oswald, everyone.

By the way, this ties in with my new favorite Disney movie:

tomb cybermen low battery

Has anyone gotten that impression just by watching the episode “Tomb of the Cybermen” again? Or is it just me?

Disney Animation, 2014.

Disney Animation, 2014.

Then again, a Cyberman has no temperament equivalent to that of a huggable Baymax.

Right now it is 2 a.m. in Baltimore, however, this still counts as the May 31st post. Please disregard the calendar that says it was posted on June 1st. I took all night to get this done! (Blame it on the photos) Very busy weekend indeed, and I’m going to be extremely busy pretty much all week long. (Therefore, I am so, very, very tired, amidst the multiple thunderstorms and the piece of crud WiFi connection at home.)

All the best to everyone, and happy graduation to everyone who graduated this year from high school and college. In the words of David Lee Roth of Van Halen: CLASS DISMISSED!

With love, Lady in the Blue Box

Only 10 more posts until the hundredth… Hope I can make it.


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