You Can Take It With You…

SUNP0448Tuesday night after karaoke, I found myself laughing in bed when I turned off the light to go to sleep. As a matter of fact, I had trouble trying to fall asleep, for I was so highly inebriated on endorphins and positive energy.

I just could never believe my luck that night from all the singing and happy mayhem going on that whole time. And in the time I’ve been writing this paragraph, I’ve already sung various songs from Meghan Trainor’s debut album, plus some inserted oldies hits added to a few of her tunes including the Charlie Puth hit, “Marvin Gaye”. I guess it’s because for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually excited for this weekend, or maybe a little too euphoric and in need of some serious Tension Tamer tea.

Playlist selection:

Basically, what happened that night was I came home about $55 richer. The first stop before karaoke night was the grocery store pharmacy to pick up my prescription, in which the pharmacy made a mistake last week and handed me the right thing Tuesday night, along with a $10 gift card to said grocery store. The next part of the story told short was the crazed karaoke night, where a friend gave me a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble as an early birthday present, and I later won a spur-of-the-moment raffle door prize: a $20 gift certificate to the bar/ café of said karaoke night. That’s 55 bucks in gift cards.

Thus the reason why I couldn’t stop laughing at the time I went to bed.

Thus the reason why I couldn’t stop laughing at the time I went to bed.

My mother then proceeded to tell me to write all of that down and remember how good that felt for future reference, in case I felt cheated, infuriated, or just plain, old fashioned depressed next time. I think I might need a drink, I told my parents and karaoke friends, though it might have been due to my upcoming Christmas in July.

When another friend asked me how old I was turning this Saturday, 27 years to be exact, she said, “When I was 27, it was the year I got my first apartment. You’re going to love being 27, because I told myself that year that it would be my year. I’m sure your 27th will be the same for yours too!”

Thus between singing “Dear Future Husband” and a duet of “That’s Not My Name” with Tornado, a very old friend from the Charred Rib glory years, and later ‘geeking’ out over each other after the awesomeness, I somehow found the inspiration to finally write the 97th post. I’ve already revised my reading list, especially since I’m nearly finished reading Silver Linings Playbook and I’ve crossed off some books that I’d rather read than buy. Then there are some of them I’ve crossed off that I don’t look forward to reading up to the very end. That post with the full list will be posted shortly.

My plans for my July-Christmas Saturday are going to be spent with some friends I haven’t seen in a very long time, sharing some frothy creamy soda drinks and eating decadent things I thought were not possible to eat with the constraints of my tiny wallet. And perhaps I’d also be shopping for things I thought wouldn’t be possible either, but it all depends on what kind of day.

My mother tells me every year that my birthday is the most beautiful day of the year, regardless of what weather or whatever happens any time of the year. Summer in Maryland is about as much crap as our winter. Our winters are harsh as far as the cold, wind chills, and blizzards get, where our summers have intermittent heat waves with the humidity spiking to make everything feel sticky, disgusting, and just an ugly film of haze. Don’t even get started on the thunderstorms worse than Florida, some lasting all day.

The best thing about my birthday: Stewart's soda shop is open all summer long.

The best thing about my birthday: Stewart’s soda shop is open all summer long.

I probably should have done Katy Perry’s “Birthday” song at karaoke this week, seeing as I’m most likely going to miss out on Saturday night karaoke this week when I go out with my Gaithersburg friends. I guess I just didn’t have enough time.

Despite missing out on more karaoke this week, although I would have loved to see Fran and everybody on the actual day, my birthday July 25th will be a Christmas in July nonetheless. I also don’t mind missing the Billy Joel concert that will be held at Ravens Stadium on that day for other reasons. Good thing I don’t live in the city!

I love every friend I have at karaoke (especially John and Fran!), for it’s really the only place I can go to for releasing all that tension without paying a $15 cover charge at a ballroom dancing club. That reminds me of how much I miss dancing and how much I’m out of practice at the waltz, swing, and cha-cha. But I’m sure there is something amazing to look forward to this weekend. Just remind me how I’ve won more than fifty bucks in one night.

I still have a hard time seeing and believing it.

Happy birthday to Bob Greenberger and Abby. Happy belated to Delian. Better late than never, D. Best wishes to all of you.

Playlist selection from my childhood-


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