The Nerd Queen Journal: Excellent bottoms?

Long overdue, a recap of Shore Leave 37, August 7-9, 2015!

Nerd Queen sunWell, here we are, the Shore Leave convention again. Did I mention that every year at one of these conventions I’ve always been happy? I always have a marvelous time at every convention I’ve ever been to… except for this one time in a few spots.

It’s just something that happens when you have a mental disorder. You have your good days and your bad days, though they’re usually amplified with a disability like mine. When I spoke to Tony Curran (the actor who played Vincent Van Gogh in the Doctor Who episode “Vincent and the Doctor”) at Shore Leave 37 this year, he said that no one can truly tell what kind of pain a person with depression or bipolar disorder can have unless you have it. He took a while to prepare for the complex role of the tormented painter, working closely with the director of the episode and Richard Curtis, who wrote the script as well as movies like Love Actually and my favorite British movie of all time, Pirate Radio.

Curran also said his favorite part of filming the Vincent episode was where he was shouting in front of Matt Smith, “I can hear the colors… They’re shouting at me, come on, come on! Come on and capture my mystery!!!”

No more coffee for you, Vincent. BBC 2010.

No more coffee for you, Vincent. BBC 2010.

And the Eleventh Doctor (Smith), of course, decides to calm Van Gogh down by asking him if he would like a nice soothing cup of tea. 😛

Anyway, the past weekend of August 7, served as a great motion of excitement, through the laughter, euphoria and tears brought on by, oh frak knows what. I could go on or show you later in photos and one video I took of a question I asked. The whole event was marvelous at best.

A child told John Barrowman a knock-knock joke…


Peter Quill “Star Lord” danced the night away at the 10 Forward party…

IMG_20150808_234333There were a couple of Missy’s running around, and a River Song…

SUNP0602 SUNP0624 SUNP0601

Corbin and Leeloo Dallas had their multipasses handy…

SUNP0630Sleeping Beauty woke up and won some awards…

SUNP0619And I almost bought a beautiful peacock feathered steampunk hat.


After all of this, I was exhausted. I sure did have a lot of energy at the masquerade, on the other hand, when all the faithful techies were ‘assembled’ for entry number 42: life, the universe, and Conventional Magic.

I’d post more of this story if I had more room. But a techie’s life is never done.

Although I haven’t been to this convention in a while, I will most likely return to the newly redecorated Wyndham Hotel, formerly the Marriott Hunt Valley, for Balticon as another techie in another world.

Wait a minute, Balticon got moved to a different hotel in Baltimore City??? Ah, well, you can never keep up these days.

But at long last, the days of ugly carpets are long gone. The Shore Leave hotel looks beautiful again.


With Love, the Nerd Queen


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