Let me think about it…

And here’s a brand new edition of Conversations with Mr. Midnight >>> just for you…

As I’m currently sitting in a very cold computer lab thinking up many ideas for the future. Number one is the Writers’ Conference at my alma mater Towson University in November, right at the time of National Novel Writing Month, which I won’t be participating due to working at the Workforce Technology Center again, possibly. I think I want to go again for old times’ sake, grabbing $75 from my account again because I want to be there and network with other writers and editors on my own, if I didn’t get enough chance the first time.

Number two, I’m terrified of my upcoming dental surgery in October. I’m not worried about how much it will cost me as I am much more worried about the process it’s going to take when I get there. I’m not allowed to eat anything after 11 p.m., not even breakfast, because the surgery is at 11 in the morning on a Friday. And when the procedure is all done, I still won’t be able to eat for hours because I’ll still taste gauze and feel very weird from how much pain medication I’ll be on. I can’t put into words how much I love food and what I’m missing out on already. There’s already too much food I’m avoiding either because my stomach can’t handle it or my jaw feels too much pain from eating certain things.

The surgery can’t be altered or tampered with, for the headaches and migraines are unbearable. I’m getting it done, that’s final. I just hope I wake up from the anesthesia when it’s all over. All four impacted third molars have got to go.

Number three, I’m almost halfway done with my training at WTC and already, I think people are finally starting to settle in and I’m now able to have some space to breathe and think. Not too much is bothering me anymore, at least as much as the first two weeks have, and everyone is now paying more attention to what the instructors have to say and minding their own beeswax. The program is only six weeks long with an extra week for consultations with each person’s field counselor, and with this week being the third week I’m feeling a little better about getting through the last stretch before considering another possible program.

But the one thing I’m considering right now is how much I want a tote bag that has Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting on it. For thirteen dollars at WTC’s gift shop.

Nah, that’s pretty much an easy thing to get. It looks well made, it’s canvas, it’s beautiful, and it will most likely carry any of my books with my wallet and keys. As the Goodwill slogan says, finders keepers.

I think I’ll use it as my carry on when I get the bus to go to my appointments for Wednesdays. I just don’t want to look like I’m carrying too much, though.

As a writer, we think up all kinds of crazy things. Is there FTL faster-than-light travel, can there possibly be aliens on rocket ships, what kind of catastrophe can I throw my main character into and how would they react? These are all great questions to answer with a little imagination combined with the basics of fiction structure.

I want to get my hands on David Gerrold’s Worlds of Wonder, but my public library says it’s out of print and my dad’s copy is buried alive somewhere in the basement.

Meanwhile, I’m running late for my next class and I should log off. Oh well.

Until the next time…

Lady in the Blue Box


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