Mimi is dead…

Hello, everyone,

I know it’s been a couple of hours since my last post, but there’s an announcement I have to make.

My Dell Vostro computer Mimi is officially dead.

I turned her on and posted my last post about what happened a few days ago on Wednesday, October 28, and just as I was updating GoodReads, she shut herself off.

There is no explanation for this shut down. I hit the power button several times to restart her, making sure I didn’t hit anything. I even tried to start a program to scan and fix bad sectors or just hit the button to restart Windows normally, but in a matter of seconds, Mimi shut herself off again and I got a black screen.

My computer is seven years old. It’s time for her to retire and sleep with the fishies, sadly. Which means, it looks like I need to go to Micro Center and get another new laptop.

I just hope I don’t wait until Christmas to get one. The last thing I want to think about on Halloween is sleigh bells, candy canes, and Christmas trees. I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving to do my holiday shopping, like everybody else. Doesn’t anybody still understand the meaning of Black Friday anymore?

I just can’t believe I already have to replace my computer after having it for only a few years. Goodbye, Mimi, it was fun while it lasted.

-The Lady in the Blue Box


2 thoughts on “Mimi is dead…

    • I left it alone for a couple of hours because I had to be somewhere for a while, but when I turned it back on it ran fine. I don’t know, maybe it overheated and conked out. I still have to replace the thing because it only has about 40 GB of RAM, and it’s not enough memory to run other programs like Firefox, Scrivener, or iTunes. I need a new computer, fast.

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