Put it on the list

I’m thinking about yesterday when I visited my old college stomping ground at CCBC, before my first therapist appointment since my surgery. So far, a lot of people from the center for the work readiness program missed me all week last week during my recovery. Some of the instructors asked me, “How are you feeling? How was the surgery? Did it hurt as much?” The same went for some of the people who missed me.

“A lot of people missed you last week,” one friend said to me. “They were asking about you.”

Basically, I went in to the surgeon’s on Friday the 16th, the terror peaked as soon as I started breathing the laughing gas, I couldn’t listen to the soothing sounds of my CD before I went under, and I was asleep for 20 minutes, which felt much faster, about five minutes. The 40 minute procedure was over in half the time and with the numbness and my loss of awareness mixed together, I couldn’t believe I was done that quick. My jaw is still stiff and this week I feel like I’m just learning how to chew and brush my teeth all over again.

I felt like I needed a change of scenery for an hour or so, after returning to the center for three more days of volunteer work and learning about more employment stuff. From what I remembered when I briefly returned to my community college campus, there was a new group of nerds huddled in a different spot in the social building, right next to the café. It got significantly bigger since I transferred to Towson University. Additionally, there were a couple of people playing with a large box: hiding inside it, sneaking up on people with it, and making a makeshift cave out of it.

This reminded me of my old childhood friend, who is currently making plans to move to Indiana, where I’ll never be able to see him again.

PICT1085Even more so was one guy who ran up to me, catching sight of my royal blue Tardis police box scarf, and said, “I have got to show you something! Wait right there, I’m gonna go get it!”

My eyes wandered as I thought: ok, that was strange. He came back and threw another scarf at me. It was the extra long rainbow Tom Baker scarf from the old Doctor Who series. It figured.

He later introduced me to the leader of the group and administrator of the Facebook page for the whole group, as well as the girl playing with the box in the first place, shouting, “I know what to do with this! This would be so great for a Halloween costume!”

There was also a guy who looked to be as tall as David Tennant or Zachary Levi from the short lived TV show Chuck. About a foot taller than me, skinny, blond, and very lanky indeed with all the black he wore from head to toe. There was a whole group huddled around a television set playing a Nintendo game I recognized, where you could play any character from any game, from Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers to Ryu and Kirby, and you dueled the characters against each other with your friends.

Suddenly, my college years came rolling back to me. I wanted to be there again.

But since I am 27 years old and I already have a Bachelor’s Degree, times have changed. I missed my golden opportunity of finding true love in college, so I already know I’m never getting married. I’m going to a center where I don’t think I fit in, especially when my roommate graduates in January and I’ll be finished my work readiness program halfway through November. Plus, I won’t be able to take any further step in taking any new programs until February of next year, which is already too long of a wait and I already love my roommate (in a heterosexual way).

For Halloween, I already have a costume I already picked out and assembled together, which I will proudly wear on Saturday karaoke night.

I shall also recite the entire song of “Remains of the Day” from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

But as long as I’m still here, I won’t be lonely on Halloween for long. I might return to CCBC later and meet some new faces when I’m finished with work readiness. I’m putting that on my list of final things to do in Maryland before I get out of here.

Until then, I’ll keep playing my Halloween playlist loud.

Happy Halloween

-The Lady in the Blue Box

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