Forgetting something?

Written November 7: Every time I head to the library or I go anywhere for anything, I always forget to bring something.

Friday night before Halloween at dinner, I forgot to bring money and my camera. I had my card, but I needed cold hard cash to get what I needed done and out of the way. I also forgot to bring my camera so I could show a friend of mine some photos I took of the center at the annual Halloween party, where I won first place for wearing the most original costume in the costume contest.

The other day when I wrote my post on the death of my computer (RIP Mimi), I forgot to bring a pen so I could write down everything I wrote that day so I’d have a hard copy of it on file.

I always tend to forget things, and as a writer, it’s starting to become a nuisance. We forget some of those crucial plot points or things to say in our query letters in order to grip the literary agent. Even when I read things from issues of Writer’s Digest, I forget them and just keep chugging along, writing whatever I want to write, and later get carried away.

That doesn’t mean I forgot about National Novel Writing Month this month. Maybe it does, but I can’t be entirely sure.

I also forgot that computers can be overheated after a while of letting them stew over something as plain as a word processing program, for instance, Microsoft. That’s basically what happened to Mimi. One morning, Mimi got a little too dehydrated and feverish that she decided to shut everything off immediately, giving me the black screen. This usually never happened, but Mimi is currently on life support from quite possibly a broken fan and will definitely be replaced soon.

Right now, I’m typing this out on my teeny tiny notebook, Alice, whose web connection is highly unreliable since the antenna is too small, thanks to the 11 inch small screen that keeps making me want to go cross eyed.

The best thing about November is next weekend on the 14th is the Baltimore Writers’ Conference. It seems like the perfect time to go to a convention for writing since it is the annual 30 day 50,000 word writing marathon that happens every year this month. It already started on All Saints Day, and all it’s going to take is a little persistence and perseverance to finish a novel (hopefully, or just a book of short stories) and talk to writers and editors out there who will be reading my work and giving me feedback.

I already have one short story double spaced and ready to go for revisions when the time comes for workshops. Last year, I had only one person do a review of my work. This time, I hope to get just more than one. Maybe I’ll look a little more confident about this and there won’t be as many people crowding me and taking every writer and editor in the room for a good chunk of the time.

I’m just not prepared for writing 50,000 word stories in just one month. It does give me the motivation, but with only two more weeks of work readiness training to go, I’m not ready for writing so much at all.

Oh, and I almost forgot, did I mention I have an interview with someone who wants to give me a certain internship???

I just got the phone call on Friday, the day after Guy Fawkes Day (that’s November 6, but who’s counting?), as I was in the middle of writing more to my sad and puny little fan fiction and listening to my favorite Mozart piece. Fun fact: The Divertimento No. 17 in D Major (K. 334 third movement- my favorite classical song) was featured in the movie Amadeus, where Salieri is talking about Mozart’s music and how he envied him for his talent. I screamed and jumped for joy when I had the interview set for that Thursday the 19th, the last day of my program, which I would be happy to pursue, hoping that I would get the job.

My rope ladder isn’t there yet, but it’s getting stronger so I can plan my escape. I hope I can make it before my 10 year high school reunion next year. The sooner I make it out and be someone better and more successful than anyone else who went to high school with me, the better I can be.

I will give another update on the writers’ conference soon. A bientot.

-The Lady in the Blue Box

Update, November 8: Meet my newest computer addition, Simone!

SimoneAll thanks to Micro Center and Hewlett-Packard Computers (I love HP), Simone is purple and comes complete with a huge storage space enough for iTunes and a free one-year trial of Microsoft Office 365, plus standard Windows 10. I can’t wait to play with it… (Evil laugh)

Playlist selection- Ingrid Michaelson, “Warpath”

Divertimento No. 17 from “Amadeus” (played at 1:45 minutes)



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