Holiday bandits

Don’t worry about the title, the only holiday bandit in this case is me.

With the $20 my grandmother gave me on Christmas Day, I managed to spend it wisely and made out like a bandit. Twenty bucks got me a Kings of Leon album I waited to get, a Kelly Clarkson album that I also waited for (the one with “Mr. Know It All” and the duet with Jason Aldean that I’ve loved from afar), and the latest copy of the ninth season of Doctor Who- just the first half.

My parents chipped in as well with a couple movies I asked for: Joss Whedon’s Serenity, Get Him to the Greek, and Big Hero 6, plus the newest Fall Out Boy album. And another Doctor Who DVD happened to show up from a friend on karaoke night. But those presents didn’t mean a thing.

I had a quiet dinner on the holiday, the post-holiday karaoke was well worth every second with my “What The Crap” friends coming in tow, and my parents and I both have separate plans for New Year’s Eve.

All in all, this was a pretty good Christmas. When people ask me, “How was your holiday?” I just say it was “fine” while I chuckled in my head like an evil minion of Gru from Despicable Me.

Right now, I have to make a quick decision on what to do on New Year’s Eve since it’s happening this Thursday. Either I go with my parents to Steve and Renee’s house for their “annual” New Year’s party, or I could go with my WTC friend Tiffany to a friend’s house for their New Year’s get-together.

I can wait for New Year’s Eve to decide. But there are things that can’t wait: Captain America: Civil War, the next Avengers: Infinity War flick, Doctor Strange, The BFG, Fantastic Beasts…, and my new office tech program at What The Crap, which will start in January or so.

Then there are things that I want to put off for as long as possible. As December, 2015 is drawing to a close, I really want to know how much longer I have to wait before my program starts up again. I’m on such a good streak while volunteering at the Library for the Blind, but I’m becoming less and less inclined to keep walking in there for two hours a day, four days a week.

Day after day of running around, pulling books from shelves, and transporting heavy carts of audiobooks to boxes certainly takes a lot of energy out of me. I instantly become tired the second I get in the car on the way home, that I hope I get a nap somewhere in between. Especially New Year’s; I have to work that day and I want a nap before I stay awake all night to count down the seconds to the new year.

Benedict Cumberbatch as a superhero... Sigh... (from Entertainment Weekly)

Benedict Cumberbatch as a superhero… Sigh… (from Entertainment Weekly)

And November 2016 is too long of a wait for Doctor Strange, I’m sorry.

I also can’t wait for February to start because of Farpoint approaching quickly, however it will interfere with my first week of office tech. Thursday night is my big night to help George and the techies with the load-in, blowing off dinner to make sure the pipes and drapes are up nice and pretty and shuffling in all the expensive lighting and sound equipment. Friday night should be easy enough since I’ll be getting off early to pack my things and go home for dinner before karaoke. But Thursday will be interesting with my rigid schedule.

I’ve also heard that the instructor of the office tech program is condescending to everyone and throws a load of crap on everyone’s shoulders. With my disability, I hope and pray she doesn’t make me cry, and it probably won’t come to that. After all, my roommate, who’s also in office tech, will be there for the first month and a half of my start time. Let the vents begin.

Right now, the television show hosts are talking about a “Sweet 16” as if 2016 is going to be a birthday party for a teenager, lasting the entire year. This was my first Christmas without my baby man D’Artagnon and New Year’s Eve will be the anniversary of the time he got sick. That’s anything but sweet. That’s why I don’t want to be alone on New Year’s.

If I could take anything away from this year, I would need to make one resolution of getting more views on this blog. I’ve been Twitter-ing more often, for a start, and I’m starting to write shorter, for my short post, “Still trying too hard” got the most hits at 81 views. (I know, it’s sad.)

The other most viewed posts were: “Hasn’t anybody noticed?“, “No glamour, no riches, just love“, and “My big fat geek birthday“.

As I look back, I’ve noticed 2015 was a very moody year. Stuff happened this year, a boat load enough to make me cry. I’ve kept saying I needed at least one victory. I hope 2016 will grant me just one.

Good thing New Year’s Eve is almost here.

Playlist selection-

Songs of the year:

My favorite Fall Out Boy song:

And a knockout tune from Walk the Moon (I think I just rhymed):


2 thoughts on “Holiday bandits

  1. WordPress published a free ebook last year (or maybe it was the year before) with a bunch of tips on how to grow your audience — Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog.

    There are a bunch of ideas in there. Some of them may work for you. Some you may not. You may get some ideas, and they may be useful. 🙂

    The top post for me written in 2015 was on Kitty Winter’s departure on Elementary with 118 hits, but it’s still only ranks sixth for the year, after two papers written in college, an overview on The Lost Lennon Tapes, and a post on the pagan origins of Ash Wednesday from years ago.

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