2016: A delicate dance

From blogs.oberlin.edu.

From blogs.oberlin.edu.

Of all the things to forget, I forgot to bring my camera and my headbands.

As I spent my morning hammering away at typing tests and lessons with my computer skills training, I kept thinking, “What am I doing here? I know everything there is to know about Microsoft Word; I really don’t need a review.” Meanwhile, I fretted that my hair was going to become a mess of frizz and fly-aways since I had nothing to hold down the little hairs underneath the big ones.

Tomorrow, Wednesday night, I’m going on an out trip outside the What The Crap center to a place where they have contra dancing, a la Jane Austen times as well as dancing from many different cultures. Hence why I needed the camera and I forgot to bring it with me.

It’s almost as if every time I leave my house with all of my bags packed, I forget one teeny tiny essential thing to take with me in case I’m going somewhere. For a lack of a better term, I feel a little naked without such things. Only I have my clothes.

As for my stories, they look a little bare, with all of the Word documents untouched, blank pages not written in, and my notebooks sitting in my dorm room looking pretty and not doing anything. It might be because a lot is on my mind, and not just the six-hour day of typing, listening to a lecture on how to make a document, and taking assessments that ask me which one is the mouse and how do you turn on your PC monitor.

I guess they’ve been on hold for a while as I focused on working on different things. Instead of going to the Skip-Bo tournament, I’d rather stay in my room and type out a blog post before I leave for the dancing tomorrow. I’ve had my fill of childish fun by watching The Peanuts Movie and laughing with Snoopy the beagle and Woodstock the bird on Sunday.

Every time I think about this upcoming event, I fantasize about getting dressed up in my new red sweater and matching red skirt and learning to dance like Jane did in the Regency Era. It also makes me think of the trailer I saw for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which should be an interesting and gruesome thrill for moviegoers. (I read snippets of the book and already grew bored of the joke.) But then it also made me think of my long forgotten manuscript, the first installment of Prisoner of Austen.

I’m also reading Soulless, book one of Gail Carriger’s steampunk novels about parasols being weapons against vampires and werewolves. And my mother gave me a library copy of Sanditon and The Watsons, Jane Austen’s unfinished novels, which gets me thinking…

I need to write something down!

I’ve been focusing maybe a little too much on my crochet, since I’m commissioning a Tardis scarf for someone who wants to buy it as a gift to her daughter, which needs to be done by February. They’re both going to be at Farpoint, which will be within the first two weeks that I start my training at Office Technology. I’ve even calculated at what time I will be graduating from the training program, which will be sometime either the week before or the week of my 28th birthday. No need to rush to conclusions, but I am becoming a very old woman.

That reminds me of more disgust: My ten-year high school reunion is this year. Can you say “Get me a life, please”?

Honestly, I should have kicked myself for not writing all weekend. This weekend, I was bummed because karaoke was discontinued Saturday nights, so I spent most of it flipping on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, finishing Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, doing laundry, and contemplating whether or not I should write a play for next Shore Leave, entitled “My Big Fat Geek Birthday”. Because I had both Monday and Friday off, this went on for four days.

What can I say? I’m a distracted psycho nerd.

But the more I read and put myself out there in the real world outside of the Internet, the more I want to sit down and write about them. I just need to remember my camera so I can post them to Facebook and here on WordPress.

I still have no idea why the people on the Today Show and other live morning news shows are giving the year 2016 a “Sweet 16” birthday party. I just don’t want to spend my entire next birthday at the What The Crap center with nothing to do but sit around my dorm for most of the night. I hope I graduate before that happens.

Besides, who wants to eat crappy cafeteria fried chicken on their birthday anyway? Even if I did go out to eat with my family on my birthday, I still couldn’t do anything fun afterwards because I’d have to be in my dorm room before 11 p.m. curfew.

I need to write. I hope my novel will be finished and ready for an agent before the year is over. At least I have Scrivener software to help me out.

Playlist selection- (Don’t speak, hear, or see the evils…)

Magic- “No Evil”


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