My left hand

In class at What The Crap, we started every morning with some typing on a typing skills website, making sure everyone in class could type at a decent 40 words per minute or improve their skills.

This was the only part of the class I looked forward to, but it was also the most aggravating. For every lesson, every 1-5 minute test, I kept hitting the wrong keys every now and then, thinking I must be a slow typist or the decade old keyboard won’t respond to my pudgy fingers. Grrrrr…

So all I needed to do in the middle of it was to get up and take a moment walking in the hallway, taking a trip to the ladies’, or just getting my brain back together without slapping myself in the head.

Eventually, on January 13th, I managed to get my typing score on a one-minute test to 54 words per minute, 100 percent accuracy. Not a single letter missed.

I haven’t been able to type that fast since. Today alone, I’ve been able to type a cool 49 WPM in three minutes, but it’s not close enough. Every now and then, I tend to glance at the keys without looking at the screen to check how I’m doing, making sure I don’t misspell, and I notice my right hand tends to stray from the home keys by ignoring my pinky when I type p’s and semicolons, and the left hand sticks on the asdf keys and types normally.

My right hand is the hand I write with when signing my name, and dominant with everything else: playing with my calligraphy set, crocheting, playing guitar, and eating most of the time. My left hand doesn’t do all that much, except when I have a fork and knife in my hand when dad fixes ham or marsala chicken breast. Unlike normal Americans, who usually carve food with the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left, I’m ambidextrous but much more comfortable eating dinner or pancakes with the knife in my left hand.

I guess my left hand is good at cutting my dad’s chicken marsala, typing and holding things, when it’s supposed to be doing absolutely nothing. It just sort of happens that way.

Right now, the left side of my brain is stalling. You know how your right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain, well, my right hand wants to write, but the left side of my brain has stalled from too much typing in class and not enough time to catch some ideas and dreams. Every Thursday, I came home exhausted and always wanting to take a decent nap.

Right now, I have the week off to recuperate before the long six-month haul that is office technology. I have to be there five days a week starting in February, which means no more free Fridays where I can catch up on the laundry and catch up on sleep. I even have to be at WTC on my birthday, and can’t leave the building until the following Thursday when I finally graduate.

Oh joy, my birthday and “graduation” are within the same week. I’m not at all excited because I won’t be allowed to leave the building to do something fun on that Monday night unless I’m back in my dorm at 11 p.m.

At least I’ve already written a killer graduation speech when I was in work readiness back in August, 2015. And every single person graduating from WTC has to make a graduation speech, or at least say a quick “Thank you” to everyone in the little auditorium. That’s what I mean, it’s insane. It’s unusual, because we only had one student make a speech at both my high school and my college graduation.

Well, at my college graduation, we had Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes and CBS Evening News as our Keynote speaker. That was a pretty awesome historic event.

Maybe all my right hand really needs is a wake up call and my left side of my head needs a swift kick in the creative area. It’s only my second day of vacation time and I still haven’t written a word of any of my novels, not even my fanfictions.

If only the contra dance last Wednesday didn’t get cancelled. I could have used that time away.

Three weeks until Farpoint. Two weeks before office tech starts.

Playlist selection- music of the 90s from Third Eye Blind


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