Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s

My baby man, before he became ill. This is how I'll remember him.

My baby man, before he became ill. This is how I’ll remember him.

I used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but not so much anymore.


Right now, I’m typing this out on my laptop, surrounded by heart shaped decorations and red tinsel décor on the pillars holding up the rec hall of the center. This Thursday, there will be cupcakes for sale at a low cost of $1.50, all heart shaped with sugar hearts and red vanilla icing, I think. And because there was snow last night, What The Crap was closed to Day students, but my office tech instructor reported to class this morning.

Even if I didn’t have class, I still had to get up at 7:20 so I didn’t miss breakfast. It was a good thing class ended early so I could take a nap, though. I’m still not used to my schedule.

But that’s beside the point. Valentine’s Day used to be such a happy time for me when I was in grade school. Candy hearts, chocolate either drinkable or the boxed kind, and I gave out all kinds of Disney Princess valentines to the other kids in elementary school. Valentine’s Day at my first Farpoint during the winter meant no school for a week, because the whole con got snowed in by a blizzard, even the guests. Oh what fun it is to tai chi in the morning!

Then disaster struck last year when we took our baby puppy to the vet, for he had been sick for weeks. We tried to find the best time to take him in, but something always got in the way. When we brought him in during last year’s Farpoint, the vet had some sad news that it was too late and our five-year-old dachshund had to cross the rainbow bridge to puppy heaven.

Then we lost Leonard Nimoy. Then my relationship with my boyfriend ended, even though we’re still friends.

So because of that, I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.

There will be a Valentine’s Dance tomorrow night, which means I’d have to catch 2 Broke Girls at home and try to do as much as I can at home before I head back to the center. The last thing I want to do is catch some of the latest drama between the work readiness students and those in food service, whom I will not speak of. I’ve already heard enough shouts at the dinner table with people slamming their hands on the tables as well as all the gossip I can hear from people, even my friends.

All I know is some people are going to be forced to leave this place because they can’t handle it. I won’t say who; but just to let you know, these people are more than just dysfunctional. About 65 percent of Americans are dysfunctional, according to my roommate, so that means I must be hanging with the majority of these people.

Morpheus from The Matrix doing the Cupid Shuffle last year. I hope this year's Farpoint will end up the same.

Morpheus from The Matrix doing the Cupid Shuffle last year. I hope this year’s Farpoint will end up the same.

I’m counting on having fun at Farpoint this year, away from the real crazy people. This is the second week of Office Tech and I can’t wait for it to be over because there’s a three-day weekend ahead, with Presidents’ Day next Monday, the day after Valentine’s. That means on Monday I can have as much time to catch up on my sleep after karaoke on Friday and the Ten Forward party on Saturday.

That also means that I’m going to spend most of my time on Valentine’s Day taking down pipe and drape and duct tape during the tear down/ load out on Sunday. It should be fun, playing with duct tape again.

With that in mind, be sure to look out for another edition of The Nerd Queen sometime next week or so!

I keep saying that I always have fun at Farpoint and Shore Leave no matter what happens. The only time I didn’t have a whole lot of fun at either convention was last year, to be quite honest. I couldn’t find a song to sing because I was thinking about my baby man D’Artagnon and my diagnosis, and the music the deejay played at Ten Forward was atrocious dubstep and clubbing music that I wanted to toss a chair at and break all the equipment.

I didn’t do that, though. Be glad that I didn’t have such a temper to do it.

It better not happen at this year’s party. I want to dance the Cha-Cha Slide and dance to Meghan Trainor, Magic, Paramore, and the Macarena as performed during the Imperial March from Star Wars. If they play any Taylor Swift, I’m running for the game room and plugging my ears until the monstrosity stops.

It’s only a few days until the convention. I can’t wait until Thursday night for load-in. At least I’ll be with people I love who get me.

The problem is, I want to dance, and not to the music that the pop stations have been filling our brains with in the last three years. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

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