Dance, crochet, inspiration???

Sometimes, I get a little jittery or insecure when I write another blog post. Especially when I’m trying to stick to one blog post a week, at the very least. Sadly, I don’t know why I didn’t have time to finish a blog post before Leap Day, February 29.

All I know is this: the story pitch I sent to a magazine worked for a moment, until the people at the magazine said that a new issue is on the back burner and they’re focusing on other more important things. As for another story I have in mind for an alternate Sherlock Holmes collection, the deadline for new story submissions isn’t set in stone yet. And I’m taking at least a week off from being at WTC for personal reasons I won’t post here.

What I can recall from last week was getting out of my comfort zone with trying out line dancing, even though I was half expecting to try contra dancing. That didn’t work out.

One of the pictures I took last week of line dancing. I guess you could say it was fun.

One of the pictures I took last week of line dancing. I guess you could say it was fun, if you like funk music and doing the “grapevine” move.

Moreover, line dancing is similar to the Cha Cha Slide and the Electric Slide. At least I got some physical activity out of it.

In the meantime, I’m also working on making some silver Dalek gloves. I’ve already made bronze Daleks, so I figured the silver ones shouldn’t be that hard either. The only difference is that there are no rectangular thingies underneath the head with the eye-stalk on the silver ones and the bronze ones have gold rectangles.


One of my bronze Daleks, deconstructed.

Who am I kidding? Both kinds say Exterminate. Good thing I have my own copy of the first half of season nine to get the references to what the silver Daleks looked like in the old series, which were revived for the new one.

I should probably sell my crocheted gloves. I even have a design of Tardises for my hands located in my pocket:

SUNP0701And for the inspiration part of my blog, I finally had enough time to listen to Neil Gaiman’s Nerdist podcast. There were a lot of funny things in there, for Chris Hardwick is a very humorous guy, but also some inspirational things like how writing a novel is like building stone walls in Peak District, England.

That reminds me of a song from Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Put one word in front of the other… And soon you’ll have another sentence more… Put one word in front of the other… And soon your book will be out the door!

Oh, I am just that silly.

Listening to the podcast made me feel and think. I am never giving up writing and I hope that writing is not a dying art. Someone will always want to read things, I’m hoping.

Meanwhile, I’m getting a little more inspiration by listening to Magic (I really need that album; their songs are always in my head and won’t leave me alone) to write my superhero novel. Right now, the book is in a Scrivener file and I’m adding little notes and note cards to it so I can keep track of what happens to little Violet, my main character. (Scrivener, how do I love thee?)

I guess you could say this week has been enlightening. It’s my time to unwind and crack open Scrivener or Microsoft Word to write a novel. I’m feeling much more positive this time around.

I just wish it would never end.

Coming up shortly: my first blog post issue of The Doctor Is In! It features a certain redhead and the chin…

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