There be pirates…

The sunburn from last Saturday, April 16th, has lasted a good solid week and I’m still itching. It’s on my chest area because I wore a camisole that posed as a “corset” to go with my $15 Victorian shrug.

The hat fascinator wasn’t much help either, because it was on the wrong side of my scalp, which also got badly burned. I couldn’t shower with hot water for a good solid week without feeling that same burning sensation on my chest.

PICT1226I did look pretty good, though.

Last weekend, I went to the annual Fells Point Privateer Festival, a celebration of pirates that lived in Fells Point during the American revolution and the War of 1812. I went with my best friend Kerensa and her boyfriend, all dressed up in their pirate garb, and took some pictures.

Including: a peck of birds and parrots


Pirate song and dance 


Pirate charades 


And some things of the steampunk variety 


There were also some pirate-y things for sale, including some hats and octopi and the Kracken… 


I even found a vendor who sold dresses for women, dresses that could be worn in any style or shape—a halter, a tank top, a blouse, or even a scarf if you really wanted to. (100 ways to wear the dress, as the vendor said.) But she also sold belts that jingled, to which Kerensa said, “I think you need one.”

I tended to think brightly colored belts with silver jingle things on them would make a person look more like a belly dancer more than a pirate wench, but I could be persuaded into getting one. I still don’t have a corset, let alone money to buy one. Though, honestly, I could see myself wearing such a corset in a nice blue or purple.

A blue or purple corset would go very well with my purple steampunk hat with the black feathers. 


I honestly think Kerensa’s boyfriend Alex looks good with a bird perched on his shoulder.

I also wouldn’t mind getting myself a nice satin pirate hat in a bright color. My red pirate outfit is red and made of fleece, so I would sweat in it on the next pirate festival in downtown Baltimore.

PICT1264The pirates were definitely out parading the docks, including one lady dressed in War of 1812 attire, which coincidently was during the era of Jane Austen and the Regency, which gets me thinking…

It’s only one more week before the end of Camp NaNoWriMo. I should be writing my novel instead of being distracted.

At least I had fun with the swashbucklers.

Love, The Nerd Queen  

Playlist selection- a song for the salty dogs of privateers


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