Musings on Deep Breath

Continued from The Doctor is In post-

There are still some thoughts I had about the “Deep Breath” episode I re-watched recently for my last post.

It’s not just about the dinosaur in the Thames.

This is the best joke, as pictured here: “Project an image of perfect sleep into the center of my mind… I do love monkeys, they’re so funny!” “Oh, I see! So people are monkeys now, are they?” “No dear, people are apes. Men are monkeys.”

12 lights out12 lights out zonkAlso, what nobody notices, even with the English subtitles option, is that there’s a funny little “zonk” noise when the Doctor is wiped out and splatters on the bed. This takes place just before Madame Vastra says her line about monkeys.

But he doesn’t stay in bed for long. A few minutes in the episode later, the Doctor wakes up and starts writing in chalk all over the floors…

chalked floorAnd the walls…

chalked wallsThen he’s up on the roof, screaming to the dinosaur in the middle of the river-

12th doctor on the roofDidn’t anyone else notice that he’s not the only incarnation of the Doctor that used a piece of chalk to get out of situations? In “Hide”, Matt Smith makes a circle on the floor to mark the “cold spot” in the music room of Caliburn House.

chalk -Hide Matt SmithAll the while, I’m just watching this and thinking, Doctor, please, just go to bed!

Also, there’s this little coincidence:

SS Antoinette“SS Marie Antoinette… this really is ringing a bell… Sister ship of the Madame Du Pompadour… Nope, not getting it.”

girl in fireplaceRepeat after me: Girl in the Fireplace! Hello? Clockwork droids harvesting spare parts from the human crew and trying to use Reinnette’s head for the ship’s computer! They traveled back in time to 18th century France to try killing her to use her brain!

Instead, the SS Antoinette probably had Marie’s brain from the time her head was chopped off in the Guillotine. Oh dear, Steven Moffat, what have you done? You’ve created a monster…

As for Clara, when I saw this episode for the first time and every time I watched it, I felt so sorry for her. Look what she had to go through in this episode:

Crash landing of the Tardis-

Clara disheveledAfter getting nabbed by the flesh harvesting robots in the “larder”, the Doctor abandoned her, leaving her to fend for herself. Without oxygen, literally.

poor clara 1poor clara 2poor clara 3Til she ran out of air and the main robot found her when she fainted-

out of airThe coolest thing about the scene following Clara’s attempted escape was the part where we had a flashback of Clara in class at her school. Her first day teaching her new students, Clara threatened the entire class to settle down so she could conduct the class. Instead of the class getting quiet from her threats to kick them out of school, one student, Courtney, threatened her back with, “Go on, do it.”

go on do it 1So Clara took what she learned in the flashback and threw it back in the face of the main half-faced robot when he threatened to kill her.

go on do it 2“Threats don’t work unless you deliver.” That’s a very good lesson to learn. Bigger threat to smaller threat, working backwards to get what you want. That’s not always the way to go.

And finally, there’s this-

Vastra-Jenny kissBelieve it or not, this is the first time we see Jenny and Madame Vastra acting like a married couple on screen. It’s also the first time we see them kiss, the first time we see them have a little of an argument, and the first time we see them truly and deeply in love. Thought you were painting 1Thought you were painting 2Thought you were painting 3Thought you were painting 4Thought you were painting 5Thought you were painting 6You’ve got to admit, this is good stuff for LGBT pride. We have the first inter-species lesbian couple in science fiction ever to be filmed for television. Mr. Moffat, I have to give you snaps for that.

Jenny loves VastraAnd then there’s the introduction to Missy at the end. That woman needs to be in a hospital, mainly because, well… she’s a little like Looney Tunes.

Just kidding.

-The Nerd Queen


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