Alice and the Gentleman

So this afternoon, I’m looking at my Twitter account and I’ve noticed that I have up to 97 followers. Not only that, I’ve noticed that too many people are talking about the latest Pokémon craze, the game PokemonGO, where you can hunt Pokémon wherever you go. You can find a Pikachu in your grocery store, a Bulbasaur in Walmart, even a Zubat in every shopping center.

Meanwhile, I feel like Penelope Pitstop in the middle of a debacle…

penelope1How am I supposed to relax and write when I hear so much about this stupid Pokémon craze on Facebook and Twitter? Even my mother is oblivious to this new game that everyone’s playing. I guess when September gets here, I know what 2 Broke Girls is going to make fun of next…

Max (Kat Dennings): “Everyone who’s too busy catching Pokémon needs to order something from the diner or go chase Pik-ma-choo elsewhere!”

max&carolineCaroline (Beth Behrs): “I didn’t know our cupcake shop had so many Bulbasaurs…”

Max: “That’s because my boobs are made from Bulbasaurs…”

Caroline: “Wait, what’s a Bulbasaur again?”

Well, getting back to the writing at hand, I have some good news. Very good news.

Shore Leave is this weekend. In less than two weeks, it will be my 28th birthday. And I have finally completed my fifth short story for my collection, Supernova Entropy.

alice looking glassIt started with a dream I had after watching Alice Through the Looking Glass in theatres. I was shocked and saddened that it came to the four-dollar cheap theatre after being in regular theatres for only a month. The movie came out in May and I saw it at the discount Beltway theatre in June.

It was very well done, unlike what the critics said. Don’t listen to them. It was a beautiful steampunk filled sequel to the first Alice in Wonderland movie. And for the first time, I actually liked Sacha Baron Cohen’s acting in the role of Time itself. Or himself, sorry.

I loved the film so much that I started dreaming about it. In the dream, I had visions of Alice getting herself into an arranged marriage by her mother. She then has a duel with her betrothed and loses before fainting. When she woke in my dream, she was wearing her wedding dress and running to her father’s ship but instead runs into her betrothed fiancé at the altar. He proceeds to give her a gift and persuades her to marry him and give him a chance.

That’s the story that I’m sticking to in my short story, only when Alice fainted, I made sure that she went to Wonderland one last time.

While people are screaming and running around like chickens without heads because of the upcoming elections, while police officers are getting shot, and while homosexuals are being murdered for what they believe in, I at least have three pieces of good news. Right now, I’ve decided to turn off the news completely because I don’t want to hear about any more bad things happening in my country, or even the closest major city to my backyard. (Ahem, the shootings at the Baltimore vigil- this is why I don’t live in Baltimore City)

After all, if I even turn on the news and watch it faithfully every day, I would only be terrified to leave the house. I know it seems that way right now.

All I know is, if Donald Trump wins the election, our democracy will turn into a dictatorship. If Hillary Clinton wins the election in November, television, radio, the internet, and all movies will be censored or otherwise banned for too much nudity or too much violence. The first female president of the United States will be a cruel one.

Either way, if either candidate running for president wins, we’ll be getting ready for another civil war, race war, or even World War III.

That’s why I’m writing a post-humorous satire story about aliens coming to the planet Earth and eating all the politicians to save mankind. Wouldn’t that be a nice turnout for our elections?

But you do know that my story “Abducted By Aliens Who Saved the Planet” is only a work of fiction. I don’t want anyone to get any wrong ideas.

It still remains, though- If only there was someone who will be there to tell us that even with the way things are going right now, everything will be all right. With my mental condition, I’m worried that I won’t be able to survive and publish any of my short stories or my novels. This is what scares me every day.

But the cool thing about Penelope Pitstop is she saves herself and she doesn’t need a hero or a prince to save her.

Playlist selection- pop music played from the heart and soul of New Orleans after the storm


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