The Nerd Queen Journal: Amy Amazed

Believe it or not, this is my 10th Nerd Queen Journal post! (WOOT!) I am so excited to introduce this week’s episode of the Nerd Queen, especially since I’ve met the gorgeous Karen Gillan at Shore Leave 38! You’ve waited long enough for this post, so here it is!

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As I’m flipping through my diary over what I wrote during last weekend, and flipping through the photos on my crappy digital camera, I’m pondering what I should write for my 10th Nerd Queen post.

I already have enough images of Karen Gillan on stage at her panel…


And accepting her Shore Leave bunny…


But the first thing I wrote in my diary was a note to myself. Next time I get to a convention like this, I need to bring my copy of Tigerheart and get it signed by Peter David:


This year, I didn’t get enough photos of everybody at masquerade, mainly because I was working to help the costume people get on and off the stage. But I did snap a few pictures during the awards announcements.

Introducing... Captain Peggy Pool!

Introducing… Captain Peggy Pool!

I know it's impossible to see her from that far, but she's the steampunk Borg Queen!

I know it’s impossible to see her from that far, but she’s the steampunk Borg Queen!

And at karaoke Friday night, I totally forgot to bring my camera with me. (Bad Rachel) This is mainly because I found someone dressed as Deadpool that night, and he was hitting on me, and offering me a shot of liquor. I laughed it off and thanked him for the offer, but because I can’t digest hard liquor that well, especially if it’s in a shot glass, I politely declined his offer to get tipsy. (Good Rachel)

I tend to feel bloated and I get this painful sensation in my belly from drinking a shot, which happened once on my 21st birthday. Never again. 

There was also a Clara, dressed for the Mummy on the Orient Express, next to a silver Dalek…


And Red Queen Harley Quinn, ready to scream at the Joker, “Off with his head!”


But I also learned some sad news about the hotel Shore Leave was held in for years. There is an old 1950s lounge hidden adjacent to the main ballrooms downstairs. It has been there for many, many years and has been my playground with the other “Con Babies” since I was a little girl.

We would play up in this little area…

PICT1380 PICT1378 PICT1379

We would sit around this beautiful car…


And the Con Suite used to be right here for people to grab some snacks and munchies, in case there was a blizzard, like that one time at Farpoint in February, 2003.


Unfortunately, this place will not be around much longer. The last I heard of it, the only use out of it the hotel gets from “Frankie and Vinny’s” is when the autograph line gets too long, or when people want to enjoy karaoke on Friday night at Shore Leave. That’s it.

The place is now turning into an Irish pub. This makes me depressed.

I’m a little broken up about this, but I’m hoping this doesn’t mean we’re going to lose our place for karaoke when we come back next year. I know there’s nothing to worry about as far as Balticon is concerned, for Balticon will be held close to the Inner Harbor for the next three or four years.

But this part of Shore Leave I just can’t let go. That 50s diner area was my favorite spot to play games with my friends, the other “Con Babies” who grew up together with me. Robbie Greenberger, Robert Greenberger’s son who died of leukemia when we were 20, used to play around with me and the other boys, like Ethan and Christian Wilson, in that area.

Even my best friend Kerensa was in there with me at Balticon one year. I took this candid photo of her then.


We also sang a song together in there >>>

PICT0870And when it got crazy at the convention, I’d hide out in there where it was quiet and play around. Last weekend, I went in there to start penning the rest of my short story, “Finding Chuck Bartowski”, which will be featured in my final draft of my speculative fiction collection, Supernova Entropy. The story is still incomplete because I was taking in the scenery for the last time that I got a little distracted.

There was also this other guy who came in there, and I thought it would have been a good idea to flirt with him a little while, until his wife came in and killed the moment. They started saying cute things to each other that automatically made me run away that instant.

Overall, I just can’t believe that it was over so quickly. Karen Gillan was so gracious and loving when she was signing autographs and answering questions at her panel. She called me Amy Pond when I asked her something, while dressed in the best things I had in my closet that best resembled her Doctor Who character. I had painted my nails blue, and I strapped on my brown leather boots, Tardis knee socks, shorts, and my red V-neck long sleeve shirt.

And with my natural red hair to go with it, I was a natural Amy Pond. Someone in line for Gillan’s autograph even mentioned that I looked like the actress’s cousin, Caitlin Blackwood, who played the role of the younger Amelia Pond.

I’m far from looking like the gorgeous teenage Caitlin, for my shorts were a humongous size 12. Get it? Size 12? 12 Doctors? Never mind.

I already can’t wait for Balticon next year. Farpoint should be a blast, but it’s in the winter time and some people doing karaoke sing some nasty, terrible songs by Rachel Platten and “The Prostitute” Swift. Plus, I really don’t want to stay for Ten Forward parties anymore. The music they play at those parties aren’t the same as they used to be 10 years ago. And the deejay never plays the music I want to hear, ever, anymore.

I just want that diner back.

Love, The Nerd Queen

Playlist selection- some music to rock your face off… from 1973 (Hint: the rock band Jet sounds like these guys, and you can hear this song in the movie trailer for Suicide Squad.)

And this song is my new anthem for this upcoming weekend, and Monday, which happens to be my birthday-


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