The Best Summer Beach on the Planet

To sum up this post in one line: It’s Wildwood on the Jersey shore.

Last weekend was my birthday, Monday the 25th, and my parents decided we all needed a real vacation. Last month, my parents went to St. Thomas for their 30th anniversary, which needless to say was a failure in every aspect. And I was stuck at home with the dog for the entire week of it. So, we needed at least two days away at a place we were familiar with… a sunny place with a beach where we’ve been before.

I barely remember the first time I’ve ever been to Wildwood, NJ, but I remember staying at the White Caps Motel, the motel my parents stayed at for their honeymoon 30 years ago. It’s still there; on my birthday as we were leaving the town, we buzzed past it on our way out. So I caught a glimpse of it.

The best thing about my birthday being in the summer is that Stewart’s is always open. They’re only open in the summertime, because their root beers and cream sodas are good with ice cream on a hot summer day. And the best Stewart’s soda shop and restaurant is in Wildwood. The one in Baltimore doesn’t even come close.


Why: The food is better, they have a bigger menu, and they have key lime soda, which tastes like you’re drinking a key lime pie.


PICT1414They also have not one, but three floors. You can eat out in the sunlight on the top floor of the building under an umbrella, eat inside on one of the bar stools, order a soda from the shop window, or you can have your lunch or dinner downstairs on the sandy beach in the cool shade.

And they’re only open in the summertime! My birthday’s in July, so whenever I see a Stewart’s open, I know when my birthday is, and my face lights up.


The boardwalk is a nice place too. They have pretty much everything you could possibly want to look at, or need to eat. There’s a Dunkin Donuts on every corner so my mom can get her French vanilla coffee fix, there’s a Dairy Queen so I can have my ice cream fix, there are t-shirt shops everywhere, as well as those old time photo shoot places where you can get your picture taken as a sheriff or a saloon girl. (Since Kerensa told me about this, I’ve always wanted to do one)


And some of the t-shirt shops have the darn-dest things in there, despite that they play the most heinous, disgusting hip hop ever made for pop radio.

PICT1425 PICT1423PICT1429

And the view from the beach is wonderful.

It’s too bad that I wore a bikini at the beach, though, because I still got a second degree burn. Since I’m a natural redhead, I burn very easily in the sun. This is one of the reasons I prefer to be indoors.

Then again, I hate air conditioning when it’s being thrown in my face and I feel freezing to the bone. Especially in cars and libraries.

On the bright side, I got some beach side presents, like a new t-shirt and a one night stay at a nice motel with a pool, and I got even more gifts when I returned home. I now have the latest Meghan Trainor CD and the 2-disc set of the Sherlock Holmes movies. Also included was the DVD of the infamous Dalek episodes with Doctors Nine to Twelve, including an episode I intend to write a post in “The Doctor Is In”, Into the Dalek.

I’m hoping my sunburn goes away. But I needed this break, for I love a good beach and I needed a getaway from my laptop. Simone kept giving me trouble… “Wah! I need anti-virus software!” “Wah! Log in to One Drive!” “Wah! I need anti spyware updates!” How about shut up, stop loading ads on YouTube, and play my music, please!

I shouldn’t ignore those notifications and do something about it, but where do I get the money for good anti-virus? Not a chance am I using more money I don’t have.

But it’s been a week since my birthday and it’s time that I post these pictures. I’m glad I had this time to get away from things like Facebook and Twitter and into a Stewart’s beach side oasis.


The Lady in the Blue Box

Playlist selection- some very beach music, in honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil


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