Royally Flushed

A new idea just popped into my head a few days ago.

A long while ago, I came up with a story about a handful of the Disney Princesses, who all get tangled in a party that goes awry. Rapunzel’s husband Flynn Rider gets kidnapped and in his place is Prince Eric, Ariel’s husband, who’s under a love spell and pining for Rapunzel. Then I figured, that’s actually way more complicated than it looks for five year old girls.

So I wrote this on Twitter: “Or, what if the #DisneyPrincesses were real people in the present day, living in an apartment? Good idea for a sitcom. #amwriting”

I got my answer from another author who retweeted my statement, from @edohertyauthor: “I’d watch the crap out of that.”

Some women in their 20s and 30s are still into the Disney Princesses, sounds like. I guess it would make sense to write a story about the famed Disney girls as a TV series, if I had the patience.

That is, IF I had the patience. As much as I’d like to make a sitcom out of it, I don’t know the first thing about pitching a screenplay to CBS or Netflix, let alone how to go about finding directors, camera people, actors, techies, more writers, all that good stuff. I would have to be the executive producer of the show, and for that I’d have to take out a big loan from the bank, and I already am in debt to another bank that takes care of loans, Navient, formerly Sallie Mae.

I have almost $30,000 to pay back in student loans from college. But lucky me, I don’t have to pay a thing on it until I get a decent job. That’s my plan I’m sticking to- no more loans and don’t pay a single thing for anything as big as a car until I have a job.

Meanwhile, I’m already dreading this upcoming fall because this year is my 10-year high school reunion. Can we just skip October and go right to November so I can see Doctor Strange in theatres? More on that later.

ariel royally flushedSo, right now I’m thinking Ariel should be my main heroine of this new exciting venture, where her brother is trying to set her up with men her father will approve of, while she’s pining away for a guy who plays bass in a rock band. The other Disney girls, particularly Belle and Aurora, live with her in a five floor walk up. As for Ella, the Cinderella of the bunch, she’s got marital issues with her husband and is a workaholic who won’t admit it, and won’t leave her crummy job or her husband until she thinks her work is done.

Yeah, very exciting for anyone, even the teenagers who want to read more about their favorite Disney heroines. Even my friend Abby, whom I’ve known since she was nine years old (I was in high school then), is absolutely infatuated with Ariel. Upon graduating my high school last year, she decorated her graduation cap with a picture of the Little Mermaid and these words: “I’ll grow my fins in a new sea.”

You can say that we were both infatuated with the princesses. I was more infatuated with Ariel, mainly because I had blue eyes and red hair, and when I was six years old I told my mother, “I want to be a princess when I grow up!” My mother laughed at me and said, “You’re cute, but that’s not going to happen. Be realistic.”

That’s what I get for spending all day every day playing with my Barbies all the time instead of doing something constructive and close to my career goal.

I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was 10 years old, after hearing about the death of Princess Diana. I wanted to help puppies and horses, until I found out you had to be a calculus whiz and you couldn’t be allergic to cats. I stunk at college algebra and pre-calculus classes in college, getting a C average in both, and I realized I couldn’t keep doping myself on Claritin or other allergy medicines so I could save animals’ lives.

So I turned to journalism in my second year of college, which lasted until graduation. A few years later after getting my Bachelor’s, I tried getting into writing for rock music magazines, all because I wanted to write for Rolling Stone. That didn’t happen because I found out I’d have to talk to artists that I hate, like rappers and hip hop singers, or the dreaded Miley Cyrus, if I was ever going to write for them. Not going to happen.

Therefore, when I was 25 or so, that was when I turned back to my blog and decided that I wanted to write novels and short stories. Fiction is easier, because you can make up your own little world. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as your life is, so long that your hero, or protagonist, gets home safe at the end of your story.

And then you’ll have something to read to someone you love at bedtime.

Playlist selection- some fairy tale music by my favorite Tony and Grammy nominated artist


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