Teach Me- a poem

Copyright 2016 by Rachel Beth Ahrens, Lady in the Blue Box publishing. No one copies this or you’re gonna get it… No, I’ll really get it to you. Don’t make me call Deadpool or Harley Quinn.

From my “tiny” poetry collection entitled Begin to Love:

Mom taught me how to sing
She taught me love and patience and gentleness
Dad taught me how to play guitar
He taught me music, how to trust and say thank you
Mom taught me classical pieces
Dad taught me movies and theatre
They both taught me acting on stage
From the day I was born

Gene Wilder taught me to smile
Robin Williams taught me to laugh
Fall Out Boy taught me to kick society’s trends
Meghan Trainor taught me to love myself first
Jennifer Lawrence told me it’s ok to be crazy
Bettie Page taught me how to be sexy
All 12 Doctors said it’s ok to be weird
The Fourth Doctor said it’s fine to be childish
The Tenth Doctor taught me bravery
The Eleventh Doctor, sincerity
The Twelfth Doctor, wisdom
And all excess within control

J.K. Rowling taught me imagination
Ernest Hemingway, brevity
Conan Doyle, mystery
Romantic tension from Jane Austen
Science and wonder from Larry Niven
Whimsy and tea from Gail Carriger
Laurie Halse Anderson taught me to stand up
And Sarah Dessen to just listen

My grandmother tried to teach me God
But I’m an agnostic Sunday school dropout
I have yet to learn true love
For I have never been in it
I’ve learned all kinds of love: new, old,
Unrequited, faded, jealous, sneaky, friendly,
Comedic and romantic, pleasuring and painful
But I’ve never had true love

So, are you willing to teach me?

In memory of Gene Wilder, the man of pure imagination.

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