Nerd Queen rewatch: Star Trek Into Darkness


Since I’ve been so busy doing other things with my family and my new boyfriend, I haven’t been able to get to the theatres to see Star Trek Beyond. But I did have time a couple days ago to look at one of the DVDs I borrowed from the library and rewatch them.

Blame my dad for getting me into Star Trek. He started it. Besides, he’s met William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, twice: once back in the 70s, and the second time three years ago. The only difference in both experiences was the first time, he didn’t need to pay extra cash for the panel and it was held at my university before I was born.

Now, getting back to the movie. I have my own copy of Star Trek 10, or just Star Trek, as directed by J.J. Abrams, and so is the sequel. In the first movie from what I remember, Leonard Nimoy’s Spock went through a wormhole and ended up in an alternate reality while chasing the evil Romulan Nero. The planet Vulcan was obliterated, Captain Kirk never met his father, and he and Spock hated each other until Spock became emotionally compromised and they learned how to get along.

In the sequel, Into Darkness, the show works like Wrath of Khan, but a little in reverse. One of the Starfleet Admirals becomes a villain, Admiral Pike dies in the first half hour, and John Harrison, better known as Khan, mucks up things for the Klingons and for the Enterprise, just to start something evil with his crew of 72 sleeping super-humans encased in explosive torpedoes.

When I saw this scene, I nearly cried. Though I really can't say because of spoilers! Courtesy of

Courtesy of

And I know this is a spoiler, but when I say Wrath of Khan in reverse, I mean that sincerely. Instead of Spock sacrificing himself in the engine core chamber of the ship, Kirk does to save Spock. But never fear, Kirk isn’t dead for long.

The reason why I wanted to watch this over again wasn’t because I wanted to see how much fun this movie was, even though it is obstructively fun, I wanted to see this because I am writing a short story that is framed around this movie. It’s called “Anne of Starfleet”.

Here’s the blurb: Have you ever read Jane Austen’s Persuasion and wondered what it would look like in a starship setting? That’s what I did. Enlisting in Starfleet Academy is like going into the Navy, only that you get to command a spaceship with a humongous crew for five years in space. But this time, instead of Captain Wentworth being a captain of a ship in the British Navy, he’s an alien, specifically a Vulcan, in a forbidden love with a human, and his human Anne Elliot character, is a pilot-in-training aboard the Enterprise.

And the entire story is set in the backdrop of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Isn’t it lovely?

But getting back to the movie, I found it hard to follow along and write down as many notes as I could for researching my short story. The ship gets torn apart by so much! First, the warp drives are failing, then it gets attacked by Admiral Marcus aboard that huge Dreadnought class ship the U.S.S. Vengeance, and then Khan rips it up some more until the engines are failing and the core is out of alignment that someone has to go in there and fix it, risking enormous amounts of radiation and death!

Poor Scotty! Poor Kirk! Poor Spock! Poor Enterprise!

But damn, Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan… incredible acting. Beautiful job, babe. You do know how to play a villain. After all, that deep voice with that British accent makes for superior villains, like Smaug and Islington, if you’ve read Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

I can’t wait anymore for November, though. This time, Ben Cumberbatch is playing the hero, Doctor Strange. To see him in a red cape and that broad chest… rrowr rowr…

So yes, I do give high marks to Abrams and the entire team from Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot for making this movie spectacular. The writers wrote this exceedingly well and the actors and the crew executed this perfectly. What a piece of sci-fi action.

But right now, I’ve got to focus on writing the rest of my story. And getting ready for this new place that does trivia night. (Did I mention my boyfriend loves trivia and got pretty close to be on Sports Jeopardy?)

Well, rock on, cadets. Ahrens out.

Playlist selection- In light of the sequel to the movie above, Star Trek Beyond, It’s sabotage…



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