Distracted from the news

For one reason or another, I’m being distracted from just about everything.

Doctor Strange is in theatres in a month:

benedict-doctor-strange-1And already, I’ve got Benedict fever.

I finally saw Star Trek Beyond, but the movie honestly wasn’t close enough to making me excited about it, though it did have some fun parts in there… sometimes. The alien woman stranded on the distant planet who helped Scotty was pretty amusing. Idris Elba was most sinister as the new villain. But as I compared this movie to its predecessors, both directed by J.J. Abrams, I found the third movie to be somewhat disappointing.

Only somewhat. I was happy to hear Captain Kirk’s favorite song “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, right at the moment where the Enterprise crew on the U.S.S. Franklin attacked the bad guys.

And I had bittersweet feelings when the writers came up with a story to make a tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, that Ambassador Spock had died. I smiled when Spock (Zachary Quinto) opened Ambassador Spock’s case and found a picture of the original cast of Star Trek from 40 years ago. That was the most beautiful moment of the movie.

And I loved it when Spock laughed after telling McCoy he was leaving Starfleet and McCoy exclaimed, “Now you’re being delirious!” Might have been because Spock had been wounded in the landing on the distant planet and he was also telling McCoy the reason why he and Uhura broke up.

That was my favorite part of the film. It made me love the Vulcan even more.

But with all the hype about Doctor Strange and the next craze of writing a book in a month (NaNoWriMo is next month), I’m feeling quite distracted at the moment.

I found this while doing my occasional video surfing:

And then I started tweeting stupid things to Jimmy Fallon (@FallonTonight, @jimmyfallon) but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to notice at all.

I’ve been trying to get my name on his show for months! Every time he does the hashtag game on Thursdays, I try to tweet something funny for his show, and my tweets never make it past his horde of evil writers. They must think I’m not funny enough. I don’t know why.

Don’t worry, Mr. Fallon, I don’t blame you, dear.

Maybe one day when I’m published, I’ll be on his show. But that’s wishful thinking.

This is what I mean by being constantly distracted. I think of funny things to look up, I mean, I’ve already watched the gag reel of Star Trek Into Darkness twice. And when I tried writing about Sherlock Holmes as a superhero in New York in my story “The Eagle Problem”, or my Jane Austen frame story that represents Persuasion in “Anne of Starfleet”, my brain gets lazy and I get stuck.

Both stories are catchy and interesting, yes, but then I get stiff after a while and I feel like the writing can wait. Then again, that might be the reason why I didn’t write a blog post for Monday this week. I’ll get to it next week, I hope.

There is a lot on my mind. I have a new boyfriend and I’m trying to get some volunteer work. Autumn is here and I’m already worried about winter that’s on its way. I always get moody and all kinds of uncomfortable around February because of all the misery that month has caused me in the last year and a half.

The same thing goes for my mother, for the worst time of the year for her is October. And October is already here.

So, enough about that. I just hope my summer-y heart can hold out longer when it starts to get colder.

At least I had fun at my 10-year high school reunion. That’s a very good sign.

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